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Business & Sales - 8 min read

Strategic partnerships in logistics to improve your profit

In the logistics business, finding strategic partnerships can be challenging, right? However, to have a good and reliable partner working wi[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 6 min read

Port Innovation: Keep up with what is trending in the logistics market

Can you imagine a ship arriving in a port and being unloaded without having someone around to make it happen? This is a true scenario in the[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 8 min read

Everything you must know to manage your logistics company

Managing a logistics company is not an easy task. But we all know that efficient management is key to success. Therefore, several factors in[…] Read More

Twig Updates - 5 min read

Freight forwarders in Mexico: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

Do you know why Twig has the best freight forwarders in Mexico? That is because Twig Logistics Network is a group that gathers only the most[…] Read More

Twig Updates - 10 min read

Freight forwarders in India: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

In may we delivered the news that Twig was the #1 global logistics group in Latin America. But what makes us different? It is because we onl[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 5 min read

Why use logistics software in a Freight Forwarding Business?

With so many options of forwarders to hire or partner with, the customers are becoming more selective as time goes by. If you wish to stand […] Read More

Twig Updates - 5 min read

Twigs quality control: A truth process to only get the best of the market

Reliability is a crucial aspect when choosing a freight forwarding partner. And in Twig we value our members’ experience and reliabili[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 10 min read

Guide to make business only with reliable freight forwarder

How to choose a reliable freight forwarder? Check out everything you need to know to make sure you will find a good logistics partner. We kn[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 7 min read

Third-party risk management: best tips for a freight forwarder

Although most freight forwarders offer the integrated logistics service, not all have the infrastructure to completely fulfill their custome[…] Read More

Members & Partners - 21 min read

FLS Member News: Find out what our member has been doing

Check out the main news from our member Fleet Line Shipping, a leading provider of transportation, logistics, and supply chain solutions in […] Read More