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Jul 18, 2019

Strategic partnerships in logistics to improve your profit

In the logistics business, finding strategic partnerships can be challenging, right? However, to have a good and reliable partner working with you is essential to improve your profit, because it enables you to offer competitive prices on a global scale.

But why is that? When you join forces with reliable freight forwarders, you can increase your services’ efficiency and create new capabilities for your company.

The benefits don’t stop there. Want to know more about how strategic partnerships in logistics can improve your profit? Then keep reading this post and find out!

How can strategic partnerships improve your profit

You already know that when you work with companies that offer quality and reliable services, you can benefit from it. That happens because you can provide for your client complete solutions with security and excellence.

Besides that, strategic partnerships are an important way to aggregate value to your business by using their advanced resources, and ensuring that your goods meet their deadlines and quality standards.

There are other benefits that strategic partnerships can bring to your company. They are:

  • Each partner can focus on different stages of the supply chain
  • Both companies can develop new competencies and learn from each other
  • The suitability and protection of each company resources is maintained
  • The organizations can develop new low-cost models that bring financial benefits
  • Improvements in the operational implementation and scheme valuation
  • Increase in the supply chain productivity and lower costs in the stages
  • On-time product delivery and greater consistency in the services provided

And finally, and most important, is that when you have a reliable partner, it reflects directly on your brand. That means that your customer doesn’t know who you are working with, what really matters to them is to receive their products on time, with quality. So, if you have a trustworthy partner, your client will recognize the value of your service, and this will impact on your company image.

And when you have a strong brand in the market and customers that rely on your services and give good feedback, then they will continue making business with you. That means more deals and contracts, and, therefore, more profits.

But how can I find strong and trustworthy partners to help my business and improve my profits?

That’s what we are going to talk about next. Check it out!

How to manage strategic partnerships in logistics?

First of all, it is essential to define what aspects you should consider when searching for partners. 

See the most important ones below:

Which networks to join

There are a lot of logistics networks with the purpose of connecting worldwide freight forwarders available in the market. Make sure you choose a trustworthy group to join, such as Twig Logistics Network, which gathers the best and most select agents from all over the globe.

How to trust long-distance partners

We know that there is nothing better than developing partnerships face to face. Surely, it will give you more confidence to close a deal with someone you have already met in person. This is why it is important that your company attends logistics events. By participating in them, you will not only have the opportunity of establishing strategic connections with freight forwarders worldwide but also gain trust in each partnership developed.

How to measure a freight forwarder’s expertise

A great way to develop strategic partnerships in logistics is by analyzing a freight forwarder’s knowledge. But how can your company do that? Again, joining logistics networks is the most recommended way of seeing the know-how of each partner you choose to work with.

How to analyze a potential partner’s financial background

Nobody wants to work with a partner who is known for being untrusty. Therefore, before closing a partnership, don’t forget to do an in-depth analysis of your potential partner’s financial balances, to ensure that they will make a reliable partner for your company. After all, they will be dealing with your business, so it is crucial to do this research.

How do I choose the best partner?

The general rule is to always do accurate and detailed research before deciding to work with a specific freight forwarder. One thing that can help is joining logistics networks, such as Twig Logistics Network. These groups gather reliable freight forwarders from all over the world and provide many tools to facilitate your search.

Besides choosing strategic partners, there are other things you can do to increase profit as a freight forwarder. Download our e-Book “Practical Guide to Boost your Sales” and see what strategies you can use to have an incredible sales performance in the logistics market.

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