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Jun 14, 2016

How can a freight forwarder improve its sales?

Build a freight forwarder with a successful operation and steady growth is no different than doing it in any other business, specifically when it comes to the alignment of process, technology, and most importantly: People. In order to succeed, freight forwarders owners must understand the complexity and diversity of personal relationships in the business, and that they exist in order to create value to the client.

Communication between people and systems can cause delays and breakdowns, but if you are able to control and handle it, communication can be your strongest weapon to grow.


7 tips to increase your sales in such a competitive market:

 1. Analyze the market

Always be updated about needs and market trends, this is the only way you’ll be able to offer the widest range of services as possible, within the individual capacity of your company. Internal and external factors can influence the sales performance of a company, for that reason, you must know the whole environment.


2. The drive to keep your eye on the prize

Over 85 percent of top salespeople played an individual or team sport in high school.

And why is it important in sales skills? These employees take the commitment they practiced then, and apply it to their role in sales. In the logistics sales development, overcoming rejection is an everyday priority. Cold calling 100 prospects fail to convert 97 to 99 of them into meetings, on average. That takes unwavering motivation to keep going back for more. It’s that motivation in the face of failure that leads to success.


3. Motivate your team to have perseverance

Only 2 percent of sales deals are struck after the first meeting. The other 98% require more courting.

Especially on global logistics, not always the client you are visiting is the decision maker, you must get all information you can get to construct a complete sales lead in order to develop this possible new client together with your partner agent.


4. Make some networking

To participate actively in a logistics network might be one of the most important ways to grow markets you are not strong yet, meet other freight forwarding companies that can exchange new cargo with you. Seek new markets, make new partnerships, participate in logistics networks events, and expand your network contacts! Learn everything about those groups – including benefits, tools and how to choose a good one to be part of – by download the free ebook below:


5. Work on your Sales Leads

The logistics market is very competitive and with so much competition, wait to the customer comes up to you, is not the best way to boost sales. Thinking about it, you can invest some time on the clients you already have information – the Sales leads are the easier way to get new clients! You have all the cargo information, contact on the client, you only have to make the right approach in order to get new business.


6. Invest in marketing

For freight forwarders to communicate successfully with stakeholders, it is vital to produce messages which complement their general marketing strategy. Although it may sound relatively easy, dealing with marketing can be quite complicated, especially If you need a high-quality service. To learn how marketing strategies complement your sales performance, check our partner, LoGo – Logistics Marketing, post: Marketing + Sales: a powerful combination to boost your business.


7. Customer relationship: the key to independent freight forwarders sales boost

It is extremely important to acquire new customers, but maintain a good relationship with current customers is as important as acquiring new ones. They will be the ones to recommend your service to other possible leads.

All the customers must have a personalized service, and the larger forwarding agents do not have the capabilities to achieve such intimate service levels, so if you can do it, you have a huge differential. A personal relationship can put you on a high-level competitiveness in relation to the big players in the logistics market.

Those are just some examples of how you can increase your freight forwarding company’s sales. Keep updated with Twig blog to learn more way to improve your business performance on Logistics market.

Extra tip to create freight forwarding business opportunities

Besides following the tips to create new freight forwarding business opportunities that we already gave you, there are other things you can do to increase your profit. To find them out, all you have to do is download Twig’s e-Book “Practical Guide to Boost your Sales”. There you’ll discover some strategies you can use to have an amazing sales performance in the market. 

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