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Nov 28, 2016

5 tips to boost your freight forwarding company sales


Competition in the freight forwarding business has never been so high. The logistics market nowadays requires freight forwarders to take action in order to increase their sales and stand out from other companies. However, what makes a freight forwarder be more successful than the other?

Despite the size or global reach of a freight forwarding company, many other things can contribute to a business to have more popular among customers. Having a successful business means that you were able to attract your target public and turn them into customers through factors that can vary from competitive fees, aggressive sales team and cost effective logistics solutions.

Today’s post intends to give 5 tips that will help you understand some of the key factors that will lead your company to have a boost in sales. Check them out!


1. Understand the market

Let’s start with the most important and basic thing a freight forwarder needs to do in order to reach success with their business: analyze and understand about the market. Only by doing that, you will be up to date with the trends in the logistics field, what your competitors are doing and what strategy to come up with in order to make more leads notice you.


In the logistics business, having an effective communication is the step number one to make people engage with your company. Therefore, you should have a team with wide experience in freight forwarding and that understands what your target audience is looking for, being able to communicate with them the right way.


2. Efficient networking

As we have mentioned on the last topic, communication is key to success in the freight forwarding business. Agents constantly need to be in contact with other agents around the world, in order to make freight happen efficiently and meet international demands. Technology has made it easier for these connections to be made through the concept of networking.


These online platforms allow interaction between agents all over the world and facilitate freight forwarding on a global scale. The most successful freight forwarding business are members of logistics networks. Being an active member of an efficient network, like Twig Logistics Network, will expand your business opportunities and add value to your company’s image.


3. Building relationships

Customer relationship is important to acquire new clients, but also to gain the loyalty of the ones who have already worked with you. This is why investing in building and maintaining relationships is so important for the freight forwarding market: you will put yourself out there and make sure people remember you in a positive way.


Put all your efforts on developing custom-based services, and showing your customers that your team is open to listening to them and work around their necessities to come up with the best solution for each one of them. This will definitely be a plus to boost your sales in the logistics market.


4. Know your message

Another important thing for freight forwarders to keep in mind is to know exactly what kind of message about their company they want to transmit. How do you want prospects to see your business?


By answering that, you can create strategies that will build the right image with your prospects, customers and partners’ minds. This will reinforce your brand image and increase your market potential. Hiring a marketing company that understands the logistics market might be a good idea. Twig’s partner LoGo – Logistics Marketing, for example, has all the expertise to build your logistics company the exact idea you want prospects to have you!


5. Invest in your differentials

Finally, yet importantly, a successful freight forwarding company will most likely boost their sales if they know what their differentials are and work around them. That is, if you want your company to stand out in the logistics market, you need to make sure that you are properly letting your prospects know what benefits they will have by hiring your services.


If you are a smaller freight forwarding business, for example, base your services on the personal and more intimate contact you can offer your clients. This will give your company a plus when compared to larger freight forwarding businesses that are not able to provide such a close relationship with their customers.


Now that you understand what to do in order to become a successful freight forwarder, and increase your logistics sales, how about taking action?

You can start by joining Twig Logistics Network or registering for our next conference – Twig Talk 2019 – to gain global visibility and make connections with agents all over the world.