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Business & Sales Tips

Business & Sales Tips - 7 min read

Boost Your Freight Forward Connections

Unlock the Power of Connections: A Practical Guide to Boost Your Freight Forwarding Network. Discover valuable insights and essential tips to elevate your freight forward connections in the logistics industry. From mastering networking essentials to leveraging social media prowess, embrace innovation, and technology to enhance customer experience. […]

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Business & Sales Tips - 4 min read

4 tips to improve your logistics business during pandemic

The pandemic brought to us a new perspective in so many aspects of our lives, including the way we work and how we communicate. Taking this to the logistics market, we know that the communication between partners is very important to guarantee the best experience when exchanging business. But how to improve your business during pandemic? As we can […]

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Business & Sales Tips - 6 min read

How to create new freight forwarding business opportunities

Creating freight forwarding business opportunities is not always an easy task, right? But there are other ways to find new partners, expand your reach and boost your sales that don’t involve getting out of the office or elaborating a new visit schedule for your commercial team. With the implementation of some simple tasks or online sales techniqu […]

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Business & Sales Tips - 6 min read

Customer service in logistics: How important it is for your business?

We all know that to differentiate from the competition it is important to delight your customers, right? And that in today’s global economy they are the ones that normally set the bar really high when talking about the quality of a service or a product. No matter what segment you are in, you must invest to make them happy. Therefore, customer ser […]

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