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Jun 17, 2019

Why use logistics software in a Freight Forwarding Business?

With so many options of forwarders to hire or partner with, the customers are becoming more selective as time goes by. If you wish to stand out from other companies and acquire more business opportunities, investing in technology and different logistics software is key.

But why is that? New technologies are enabling companies to have greater efficiency in coordinating their processes and information. When we talk specifically about freight forwarders, logistics software can help manage cargo and create documentation to move shipments from point A to point B.

Benefits from using a logistics software

As you can see, technology can be a great asset to your business. But you may be wondering: what are the real benefits my company will have if I acquire a logistics software?

Refined transportation: it can facilitate managing transportation means and data for process automation, also makes the analytics easier.

Faster delivery: helps select the correct carrier, which influences the delivery speed.

Reduced human errors: the software processes data with more accuracy and diminishes delays in operations.

Automated functions: it helps run the processes in a better and more organized way, eliminating paperwork and managing shipments with automated functions.

Reduced costs: due to the automation of document flow, report, estimations, and bookkeeping, the company costs go down.

Using a logistics software can help your company automate procedures, improve the process, minimize delays and allow better traceability and visibility into the management. It also helps ensure greater reliability not only for you but for your clients.

If you aren’t sure about which logistics software to implement as part of your business’ activities, here is a suggestion that might help you!

Logistics Software from CargoWise One – WiseTech Global

CargoWise One is a software created by WiseTech in order to provide global freight forwarders with a deeply integrated solution, designed to organize and coordinate key aspects of their shipments, consolidations, NVOCC operations, imports, exports, transshipments, and on-forwarding.

For both international and domestic operations covering multiple transport modes, CargoWise One aims to help you manage highly complex, time-critical operations while improving your productivity.


And if you wish to take your freight forwarder’s practice to another level, it might also be a good idea to join a logistics group. Twig Logistics Network provides independent freight forwarders with a safe platform to exchange business and several tools to increase your business’ visibility and get more opportunities in this competitive market.

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