Twig Network – New member limit per country

new member limit per country

Twig has a new member limit per country. But why is that? We all know that each market has its own size and demand, right? So why should we have a static member limit for all of them? A country with a big market, or a vast port, may need more coverage, while others that […]

Freight forwarders in Austria: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

freight forwarders in austria

Why does a freight forwarding company join a network? The most common reason is to expand their business’ reach and build strong and reliable connections with companies around the world. In Twig, we have a quality control process that makes our network a smaller group, but that has only the most reliable in each country. […]

Invoice Control: The newest benefit for Twig Members

Invoice Control

We are always trying to innovate and bring new functionalities and improvements for our members at Twig Network Logistics. To remain the most selected network for freight forwarders all over the globe, we are constantly updating our tools and investing in new technologies to encourage our members to be active within our network and make […]

Make your life easier with Twig Payment

Twig Payment

Our network is always coming up with new ways to help freight forwarders to expand their business and make strong and reliable connections all over the globe. That is why we are continually trying to innovate and use technologies to find solutions to our members. For this reason, Twig launched a new tool to make […]

Freight forwarders in Mexico: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

Freight forwarders in Mexico

Do you know why Twig has the best freight forwarders in Mexico? That is because Twig Logistics Network is a group that gathers only the most reliable companies worldwide. To do that, we have a quality control process and a unique platform for our members to find partners and exchange business. We know how hard […]

Freight forwarders in India: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

Freight forwarders in India

In may we delivered the news that Twig was the #1 global logistics group in Latin America. But what makes us different? It is because we only gather the best freight forwarders in each country. Through our quality control process, we select only the top companies to be a part of our network, and that […]

Twigs quality control: A truth process to only get the best of the market

Twigs quality control

Reliability is a crucial aspect when choosing a freight forwarding partner. And in Twig we value our members’ experience and reliability above all other things. With that in mind, to be a part of our network, a new partner has to pass through Twigs quality control. That step is essential, mainly because we strive to […]

Top 1 global logistics group network in Latin America

global logistics group

Seeing that there are several options of freight forwarding networks currently available in the market, choosing which global logistics group to join can be quite a challenge. The key point, however, is to seek for a network that offers the most suitable conditions for your company in terms of business generation and worldwide visibility. Twig […]

Twig tools that will put your freight forwarding company in evidence

The most common reason for a freight forwarding company to join a network is to expand their business’ reach and build strong connections with reliable professionals around the globe. For this reason, logistics networks are always trying to innovate and create new ways of helping their agents to make the most of their membership. At […]

Why Twig gathers the top freight forwarders worldwide

If you work in the logistics business, you are probably constantly searching for the top freight forwarders to represent your cargo in the countries your business is not established yet. And we know how finding the right agent can be very difficult. Closing a deal and exchanging business with another professional requires much trust, however, […]

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