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Twig Updates

Jun 13, 2019

Twigs quality control: A truth process to only get the best of the market

Reliability is a crucial aspect when choosing a freight forwarding partner. And in Twig we value our members’ experience and reliability above all other things. With that in mind, to be a part of our network, a new partner has to pass through Twigs quality control. That step is essential, mainly because we strive to be an elite group of freight forwarders.

In this post, you will know a little more about our quality control process and what we do to only have in our network the best companies in the market. Check it out!

Twigs quality control process

To make Twig a safer and positive environment for members not only to establish relationships but also to exchange business, we have a strict process to select our agents. Our quality control process includes some key steps:

  • Analyzing if the company’s profile is suitable for Twig
  • Asking for proof of eligibility and do a background check
  • Evaluate forwarder’s infrastructure
  • Checking if the agent is part of FDRS (Forwarders Debt Recovery Services) list
  • Requesting for partners recommendation about their work
  • Requiring for documents that proof experience as a freight forwarder

After our team certifies that the company fulfills all the requisites above, they are invited to join Twig and enjoy all the benefits and tools we offer.

New member indication

At Twig, we highly value our members business judgment. Because of that, we encourage all of them to make referrals and indicate friends and suggest new members that they think it could add even more value to our group.

The indicated company goes through our quality control process, but because a Twig member has nominated them, the chances of accepting that agent into our network are much higher!

Once a member, the quality never recedes

Our quality control methods can not stop when the member joins the platform. To keep improving the reliability among members, we developed the Invoice Claim Tool, a feature to avoid payment issues between freight forwarders. Our quality control methods keeps the community being constantly analyzed, and only good companies keep being twig members.

We really care about our members quality. The forwarders that are Twig members can feel that they will not have any companies in the community that usually delays payments.

Being part of a freight forwarder network guarantees that you will have partners that are much more trustworthy than the random companies you will find when browsing for freight forwarders online. But there are other ways to ensure you will choose reliable partners. For that, we have created an eBook with a “Guide for finding the right freight forwarder” for your business.

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