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Business & Sales Tips - 7 min read

Boost Your Freight Forward Connections

Unlock the Power of Connections: A Practical Guide to Boost Your Freight Forwarding Network. Discover valuable insights and essential tips t[…] Read More

Twig Updates - 7 min read

Twig Invoice Claim: quality control

Twig Invoice Claim is the new tool inside Twig’s platform. Its main goal is to reinforce our quality control methods, and keep our com[…] Read More

Members & Partners - 2 min read

Members News: NCX Cargo – Nicomex Group

Check out the main news and information from our member NCX Cargo located in Brazil About NCX Cargo – Nicomex Group The Nicomex Group […] Read More

Members & Partners - 6 min read

Team Builder Badge Award

In our annual meetings, we always choose one badge to award the company that has the best achievements on it. This year, the one we’ve cho[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 3 min read

The importance of retention policy in a freight forwarder company

In this post you will understand what retention is, and how to apply some actions in your day-to-day to retain your customers. What is reten[…] Read More

Twig Events News - 4 min read

Take a look on everything that happened on the Twig Awards

Every year, during our annual meeting, we awarded the most engaged companies inside our platform and to also show everything that we’ve do[…] Read More

Business & Sales Tips - 4 min read

4 tips to improve your logistics business during pandemic

The pandemic brought to us a new perspective in so many aspects of our lives, including the way we work and how we communicate. Taking this […] Read More

Twig Updates - 1 min read

Twig Challenge: complete tasks and win prizes

Who doesn’t like to win some prizes, right? Get to know our new feature: the Twig Challenge!  It will be a series of challenges that will[…] Read More

Members & Partners - 2 min read

Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt.Ltd: get to know more about our member

Check out the main news and information from our member Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt.Ltd, from India About Anil Mantra Logistix Pvt.Ltd With its[…] Read More

Members & Partners - 3 min read

Members News: Marinair Freight Limited

Check out the main news and information from our member Marinair Freight Limited located in Tanzania About Marinair Freight Limited  Ma[…] Read More