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Twig Updates

Mar 26, 2020

Twig Analytics: Use data on your favor!

Have you ever wanted more data to ease your decisions? Well, that was the main goal that led us to develop Twig Analytics.

One of our commitments at Twig, is always to give our members the best experience and to facilitate their business exchange, by providing tools to help them out. As the most technological network in the market, we created this tool to help even more. Now, our Twig members have access to plenty of information to potentialize the trade process.

What kind of information can you analyze at Twig Analytics?

User Data

Tool created to check if everyone from your team is fully committed to the network and which points, they can take more advantage of. Check out the data you will be able to analyze:

  • How the team is using the platform: Check the percentage of use of each member from your team.
  • Latest access
  • How many searches they have done 
  • How many Twig Coins the company has 

Business Exchange

At this area we gathered all the information about business exchanged in the group, getting the chance to see what are their strengths and focus on the best business for their company.

Our members are able to check with whom they have exchanged business, the volume exchanged, types of modals and countries. There is also a chart that gathers all this information, that helps with the data visualization.

Partnership Opportunities

Our members can increase their business opportunities, by checking the companies who saw their profile, and also a chart with the countries that are having more interest on them. By having this information, they can have insights of opportunities to exchange business with a company that they didn’t think that might need their service and even understand which Twig members need a partner where they have a branch, and could support them at that location.


With this tool, our members can see their engagement at Twig’s previous events by seeing your history, the 1on1 meetings average rate they had received and the ones that they’ve given on Twig’s last Event.

Partner Rating

Here our members can check the avarege rate that they are receiving form the other Twig members, and also they can see all the rates that they gave to the other partners in business. Using this tool, the members helps the Twig team to control the quality of the membrs, and the Partner Rating is confidential.


At Twig, our members can post information, photos, videos and news about their companies at our feed and it will be available to all members.This tool provides them to check how many posts they’ve made and which of them were the top ones. They also can see how many likes and comments they got on each publication.

So, using all this brand new information, you get to understand how and which are the points that you need to focus more to increase your business exchange. And more than that, we give you lots of data so you will know at the end of the year, if it was worth being a member of Twig Logistics Network.

Got interested? Fill the form below, and be part of our family to enjoy all these amazing tools and much more!