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Twig Events News - 6 min read

Twig Summit: Everything you must know about the event

Are you prepared for a month to never forget? In March 2020, São Paulo, Brazil, will host two great events for logisticians: Twig Summit 20[…] Read More

Business & Sales Tips - 6 min read

How to create new freight forwarding business opportunities

Creating freight forwarding business opportunities is not always an easy task, right? But there are other ways to find new partners, expand […] Read More

Business & Sales Tips - 6 min read

Customer service in logistics: How important it is for your business?

We all know that to differentiate from the competition it is important to delight your customers, right? And that in today’s global econom[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 6 min read

How to find a good freight forwarder to do business with

If you work in the logistics field, you know how hard it is to find reliable partners to do business among the thousands of companies availa[…] Read More

Twig Updates - 5 min read

Twig Network – New member limit per country

Twig has a new member limit per country. But why is that? We all know that each market has its own size and demand, right? So why should we […] Read More

Logistics News - 9 min read

Leadership in logistics: Everything you must know

How can we improve our leadership in logistics? What skills are really necessary? Those are not easy questions to answer, right? But don’t[…] Read More

Business & Sales - 7 min read

Tips to improve Freight Forwarding process

The logistics and freight forwarding market is in constant growth, and because of that, companies always have to find new ways to stand out […] Read More

Business & Sales - 7 min read

Small business network best tips!

If you have a small company, you are probably wondering what you can do to build relationships and expand your customer base, right? Network[…] Read More

Twig Updates - 5 min read

Freight forwarders in Austria: Why Twig gathers the best in this country

Why does a freight forwarding company join a network? The most common reason is to expand their business’ reach and build strong and relia[…] Read More

Logistics News - 3 min read

India implement changes in the Sea Cargo Manifest filling

Since August 1st, 2019, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs of India has implemented some changes in the regulation of the Sea C[…] Read More