Port Innovation: Keep up with what is trending in the logistics market

Can you imagine a ship arriving in a port and being unloaded without having someone around to make it happen? This is a true scenario in the Caofeidian harbor, in Beijing, China. The digital era and the use of new technologies and automation have reached the logistics business and, most importantly, it is being used for port innovation.

Are you interested in knowing more about what is trending in the logistics market? Then you are in the right place. We are going to list some of the most important trends in port innovation for you to be aware in the next few years. Check it out!

3 port innovations to keep an eye on

Robotics and automation

In the logistics business and port operations, forklifts have always been a vital component. But with the development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), we see a change. The use of robotics and autonomous machinery to pick up products is becoming a reality. And this implementation is bringing lower costs and more agility to the loading and unloading of goods.

Besides that, we hear a lot about “smart ports”. They use not only automation but also integrated technology solutions to make their operations safer, more efficient, and sustainable. To do that, they implemented automated cranes (stacking, ship-to-shore, and others), self-driving trucks, blockchain technology, a digital dashboard to replace traditional radio and radar communications between captains, harbor pilots and terminal operators, and more.

Terminal drones

One of the main port innovations we hear about is the use of drones in ports, terminals, and maritime facilities all over the world. This technology is being used primarily for surveying, and observation, but port operators are widening their use.

They are implementing drones as cargo movers, also to manage inventory, and perform administrative tasks. The development of this technology can also help to monitor vessel damage, undertake search and rescue operations, assess environmental pollution, and do surveillance tasks.

Cloud connectivity

To seek the most efficient means to transition to automated processes and enable trade hubs to share real-time information, ports are investing in the cloud connectivity technology. This port innovation trend is being used for collaborative planning, but also to collect and translate data gathered by drones and other equipment.

Cloud connectivity also allows the use of IoT operating systems, the use of new digital communications within ports and between ports, the creation of a digital environment where industrial machinery and systems are linked, and enables the utilization of automated services and technology.

We all know that technology is continuously developing and changing, so we can’t be sure of what the future holds. But one thing is sure: automation, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other technologies will keep being part of port innovation in the next years. So keep an eye on it!

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