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Aug 22, 2019

Tips to improve Freight Forwarding process

The logistics and freight forwarding market is in constant growth, and because of that, companies always have to find new ways to stand out from the competition. In such a big market, continuous improvement is essential not only to facilitate growth but to optimize freight forwarding process.

Just by making some adjustments or implementing some tools, you can improve your process and make sure that you are receiving maximum value for your investment. Therefore, in this post, we will let you know what you can do to improve your logistics processes so you can sustain your business, but more than that, gain profit.

So, read on and learn 6 powerful tips that will assist you in improving your company’s freight forwarding operations.

6 tips to improve your freight forwarding process

1. Plan, plan, plan

Having a well-structured plan, that defines your goal, objectives, and expectations is a good way to help you optimize your processes and steps. With all that defined, you know what you have to do to achieve them and work towards those goals.

When you have undefined objectives, you’ll probably won’t know how much you can spend in your daily routines and process, what are your effective costs, and, mostly, what you can do to increase your customers’ satisfaction levels. 

2. Define roles and responsibilities

That allows you to eliminate uncertainty, brings more transparency to your business, save time, and can make your process quicker. By defining roles and responsibilities, you decrease the chance of conflicts and failures in process, you also increase service levels, and reduce your operational costs. 

3. Automate activities

Nowadays, there are many logistics software that can help companies to have higher efficiency in coordinating their processes and information. By automating functions, they can help run the operations in a better and more organized way, eliminating paperwork and managing shipments more efficiently and accurately. It also helps to reduce operational costs since the employee’s expertise can be used more wisely.

Automation streamlines the entire process, which minimizes staffing efforts and maximizes productivity, profitability, and overall customer satisfaction.

4. Implement risk management

We all know how unstable and volatile the logistics market can be. New regulations and guidelines are always rising, and clients need changes all the time. All of this makes it essential for freight forwarders to be aware of all operational risks to avoid being penalized or put out of business.

So, implementing a risk management process can avoid those things. By assessing the risk exposure of each shipment, making the necessary security arrangements and analyzing all operations, its freight forwarding processes can run smoothly.

5. Enlarge your storage

With a simple method of evaluation and implementation of warehouse procedures, you can store, move, and ship products with more efficiency. Analyze your order patterns to ensure that you’ll deliver the cargo quickly and effectively utilize your space. Those steps will help you to optimize the process of load and unloading of shipments.

6. Take a look at your transportation process

Transportation of goods is a process that has variable costs because taxes, fees, and supplies values can vary from time to time. So, to minimize your costs and optimize this process, it is important to analyze every factor that can increase or decrease its price every time you plan a new route or the load and delivery of shipments.

Also, always make sure your trucks are carrying a full load and choose the most cost-effective packaging and shipping methods for each cargo. 

Managing a freight forwarding company is no easy task. So, implementing these tips can help you to boost and streamline all your logistics processes. Improving your planning, evaluating risks, defining roles and responsibilities, automating processes, enlarging your storage area and looking after your transportation process can directly lead to better productivity, optimized tasks, more customer satisfaction and ultimately growth in company revenue.

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