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Sep 19, 2019

Customer service in logistics: How important it is for your business?

We all know that to differentiate from the competition it is important to delight your customers, right? And that in today’s global economy they are the ones that normally set the bar really high when talking about the quality of a service or a product. No matter what segment you are in, you must invest to make them happy. Therefore, customer service in logistics, nowadays, became really important for freight forwarders all around the globe.

Your customer’s experiences are the ones the determine if your company has a good reputation in the market or not, even in the logistics industry. Customers want to have a smooth and simple experience when working with a company. But, exactly how important customer service is for your freight forwarding business? Keep reading this post and find out!

The importance of customer service in logistics

We can say that today, more than ever, your customer’s expectations are to have accurate and on-time delivery. And, to meet their needs and build trust and loyalty, your customer service is essential. They can help keep your clients posted, solve problems, give real-time information, and form a relationship that can retain them.

More than that, investing in your customer service can bring some benefits. Below, we list some of them, take a look!

Better brand image

Having good customer service helps your brand to look good in the market. That is because your clients give positive reviews about your service, and, therefore, your company. Bad reviews normally happen when the customer feels they had poor customer service. 

Happy customers indicate others

When you have a strong and effective customer service, you probably have happy clients. That means they can refer your company to other partners, coworkers, friends. It is a chain reaction that will help spread your business name in the market.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction

When a client has a positive experience with your brand, there is no reason for him to go search in the market for other partners. Good customer service can help you retain customers, make them more satisfied with your service and – as we have seen before – acquire new ones.

Twig’s customer service

We are really proud of our member support here in Twig. Every global logistics group has the purpose to provide an atmosphere that enables its members to generate business. But in Twig we also believe that there must be a good connection between our staff and our members. For us, this is just as important.

For this reason, we are always investing (high) in our customer service, so we count on a dedicated team that works with the most care to give our members the best support. They are available to solve any problem and answer any question about their experience in the group, consistently trying to find solutions as quickly and effectively as possible.

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