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Jan 25, 2017

5 essential tips to generate more business with the agents from your network

Considering every professional freight forwarder has increased sales as one of their new year’s resolutions, you might now be wondering what you can do in 2017 so your company’s business generation gets even higher. In previous posts, we have already talked about some ways to boost your logistics sales and to expand your business’ networking.

However, if you are already part of a logistics network we have prepared 5 tips to help you to enjoy every opportunity those platforms provide to your company and make more business with agents of your group. Check them out:


1. Keep your profile complete

Firstly, and one of the most important things to keep in mind when joining a network, is to keep your profile as complete as you can. Remember that it will be the gate entrance for members to not only be introduced to your company but also learn more about it. If they find a profile with useful and updated information about your company, they will create a more professional image of your business, and will most likely be encouraged to engage with it.


2. Be updated with member news

One of the many great advantages of being a member of a selected logistics network, like Twig Logistics Network, is that it is constantly providing you with news about other members and everything relevant that has been going on with a company from inside the network.

Therefore, another important thing to do is to keep yourself updated with that news. This will show the other agents that your business is an active member in the network and cares to know about what has been going on with other companies. Besides making other members have a good impression about you, it will also give you something to talk about with them – facilitating engagement.


3. Let members know about your company’s news

The same way it is important to keep yourself updated with the news from the members in your network, it is just as necessary to let the other agents know about what has been going on with your company. Always when something happens with your business that you think might be relevant to let other members know, such as receiving awards and launching new services or partnerships, send it to your networks’ representatives so it can be posted and informed to the other members.

By doing this you will show other members that your company is constantly working to improve services and innovate, helping it to stand out in the logistics market.


4. Emphasize your qualifications

Another important thing to generate more business between you and other agents in your network is to show them that your company has many qualifications. An effective way of doing that is by adding this information to your profile, so everyone that visits it can easily see what your company is best known for.

At Twig Logistics Network, we have created a very useful system, which makes it easier for members to highlight their attributes and differentials as freight forwarders.  Our badges system awards every member for many different things, such as services provided, expertise, having exchanged significant business with other members, being active in the network, attending conferences, etc. The badges are fixed on every members’ profile so that everyone can easily see the main positive aspects of your company!


5. Join events promoted by your network

Lastly, it is important that you always attend the events promoted by your logistics network. They are a great way to establish a closer relationship with other members, which in the long term can bring you useful partnerships and more business opportunities.

Twig’s conference – Twig Talk, for example, provides members with the perfect environment not only to expand their contacts but also build some interesting partnerships. By taking part of the event, you will have access to 1-on-1 meetings, social activities, and attendees from all over the world – the best opportunity to make business!


Now that you know all the steps to take in order to generate more business inside a network, it is time to put those tips into practice!

Twig Logistics Network will give your company a global visibility, and expand your contacts and logistics sales as you never thought you could! For more information about our network and all its benefits, click here.