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Sep 12, 2019

How to find a good freight forwarder to do business with

If you work in the logistics field, you know how hard it is to find reliable partners to do business among the thousands of companies available in the market. Sometimes, having many options makes it harder for you to figure out which ones are actually trustworthy and which ones are not. So, how to find a good freight forwarder in this vast range of options?

We know that this is one of the biggest missions of freight forwarders: to find the ideal agents to work with. Because of that, today’s post intends to help you in this quest. We will bring you simple tips and solutions to facilitate the process of finding the right partners for your logistics company.

How to find a good freight forwarder for my logistics company

Check if he is part of a powerful logistics network

There are many logistics networks that connect worldwide freight forwarders. Therefore, when your partner is part of a powerful one, it shows that he has a well-established network of agents worldwide. This ensures not only that you can trust this partner, but also that he has companies responsible for the local handling of your international shipments in both origin and destination ports.

Analyze expertise and financial background

Another great way to find a good freight forwarder to do business with is by analyzing its expertise and background. This will give you a better idea of what kind of company they are, their values, and what they have achieved in the past. Besides that, you will know if the company is solid, what kind of services they offer, and if they can help you when problems emerge, knowing exactly what to do so your transportation moves smoothly.

Look for feedbacks and references

Hearing the experience of someone who has previously worked with the freight forwarding company you want to make a partnership is always a good idea. Feedbacks are an effective way of keeping track of that company’s history, how reliable they have been with other agents, etc. This will make it easier for you to decide whether it is worth it or not to build a business relationship with them!

Discover what services he offers

Finding out if the freight forwarder provides more than just air or sea freight is essential, especially if you are looking for a partner that offers other services. So, check if he has road transportation, international insurance, if he handles project cargo or the transport of dangerous or perishable goods, etc. This way, you’ll have a complete partner, with a wide range of services and more options for you.

Know their customer service

It is essential to have excellent and transparent communication with your partner. To do that, a good freight forwarder must have a professional and specialized customer service. This means that the company will give you the support you need, respond with agility and reliability, and provide the attention that is necessary for your shipments.

Attend logistics events

How to find a good freight forwarder to do business with outside the office? By participating in logistics events! Even if you are already doing all of the tips above, there is nothing better than developing partnerships face to face. Doing this will give you more confidence to close a deal with someone you have already met in person.

The first step to do business with reliable partners

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