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Jul 07, 2021

The importance of retention policy in a freight forwarder company

In this post you will understand what retention is, and how to apply some actions in your day-to-day to retain your customers.

What is retention?

Customer retention refers to a company’s or product’s ability to retain customers over time. If a company or product has high customer retention, it means that customers return to purchase or continue using a product or service.

How to retain?

In this paragraph, you will understand that, to retain your customer, you need to deliver what they expect to receive, and to do this you need to understand the customer journey.

In the world of freight forwarding, if you deliver a sense of time savings, genuine attention and security, you will be delivering success to your customer. If you don’t have the customer journey mapped, you don’t deliver personalized service. But when you understand all the phases and put in action your touch points, you can surprise positively, and be able to deliver beyond expectations.

Customer journey in a Freight Forwarder

See some examples below of some different actions you can do on each phase of your client in their journey:

Visit: Gifts, personal email cadence 

Quotation: Team prepared for First service, define some goals, do some special calls and special emails to understand the business and thank the quote (standard email saying that “we are working on this”)

Deal: specific operating team for first shipment, in order to captivate the customer.

Operation: Constant follow up, or development of a platform where the customer can see the status of the cargo

Final details: 1 shipment report with data, special thanks for the first load

After sales: NPS, visit to understand how was the experience.

In conclusion, if you apply these small actions in these touch points moments, you will exceed expectations. Nowadays the client expects more from a service, and you need to cause a positive impact to retain him/her.


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