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Twig Updates

Jul 13, 2022

Twig Invoice Claim: quality control

Twig Invoice Claim is the new tool inside Twig’s platform.

Its main goal is to reinforce our quality control methods, and keep our commitment of only keeping good members inside our network. Invoice Claim will help us to identify members who are delaying payments, and so,  should not be part of our group. The new feature is going to enhance our quality control methodology which improves the quality of members that stay in the group.

What is the Invoice Claim Tool?

The “Invoice Claim” is the official channel for Twiggers to claim an invoice that was not paid on time by any Twig partner. As soon as the claim is reported, Twig Team will help with the follow up of the reply and also apply the corresponding punishment to the partner involved, when necessary.

It is important to point out that Twig Network does not have responsibility regarding unpaid invoices, once the Invoice Claim is a tool with strict focus on mediation, not an insurance.

How it works?

To better understand how the tool works, we prepared a list of rules that contains the invoice claim process. 

01) Only overdue invoices are allowed to be added on the Invoice Claim Tool;

02) Once a Twig member reports an overdue invoice at Twig Invoice Claim tool, it will automatically become an official claim in the system;

03) Once an overdue invoice is reported on the Invoice Claim tool, the claimer will receive an email from the system confirming the official claim, in parallel the Twig team will start the process and will send regular updates about it;

04) Twig Team will personally get in touch with the partner who is delaying the payment. If Twig staff do not receive any answer, or confirmation of payment, the company will receive the first “Strike”;

05) When the claim status is set as “resolved”, the company who reported the claim, will have the option to choose the “Reversible Strike” to its partner in case it understands that this delay was an isolated case;

06) If a Twig member receives three “strikes” within 1 year, Twig Logistics Network can exclude this member from the group, regardless of how long the membership is still valid;

07) Each “Strike” lasts for one year. After that, these claims will be cleared out;

08) The “Invoice Claim tool” only considers issues related to delays on payments. No other issues should be dealt with in this tool.

For more information, check out this document with the Invoice Claim Tool’s functionality, clicking here.

F.A.Q. Invoice Claim

If my partner does not pay, will Twig cover my loss?
No. Twig does not provide insurance applicable to the eventual lack of payment for services negotiated between users, being the involved parties solely responsible for the administration of services charges and credits in accordance with their own billing policies.

How long does it take for my case to be analyzed?
The Twig Team does the first contact and waits 7 days to have feedback. After that, if the issue persists, Twig Team will work for two more days on follow-up contacts.

Is the Invoice Claim Tool an insurance program?
No! Twig Network does not have responsibility regarding unpaid invoices.

Can I add all my invoices to the tool, even if they are not overdued yet?
No, you can’t. The Twig Invoice Claim is exclusive for overdue invoices issues.

How many strikes can a company have?
A company can have two strikes. In the occurrence of the third Strike, the company will be banished from the Twig platform.

How long does the strike last?
A strike lasts 1 year.

What kind of problems can I report to the invoice claim tool?
Only late payment issues with another Twig partner, based on overdue invoices.

What responsibility does Twig have over the unpaid invoices?
No responsibility. Invoice Claim is a tool with strict focus on mediation only.

What does “reversible strike” mean?
The reversible strike happens when the injured Twig Partner, for some reason, takes the strike out from the partner who overdued the invoice.

When should I use the “reversible strike” option?
It is subjective and personal, but Twig Team recommends using the reversible strike, if the delay’s reason is justifiable.

What kind of punishments can the member with the overdue invoice receive?
If there’s an overdue invoice, the member will receive the first strike. In the third strike accumulated, the punishment will be the banishment of Twig’s platform.

Technological, innovative and safe!
Now that you know more about the new Twig Invoice Claim Tool, it is time to start taking advantage of it.

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