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Jan 24, 2019

Twig tools that will put your freight forwarding company in evidence

The most common reason for a freight forwarding company to join a network is to expand their business’ reach and build strong connections with reliable professionals around the globe. For this reason, logistics networks are always trying to innovate and create new ways of helping their agents to make the most of their membership.

At Twig, for example, one of our main purposes is to offer the perfect environment for our members to put their company in evidence and generate as much business as they can. In order to do that, our team is always creating tools and other programs that will somehow contribute for our members to have a successful performance in the group and be as engaged as they can with our network.

We will explain a little more about each one of these exclusive Twig assets, and how they will help your freight forwarding business gain more visibility and credibility inside the group.

Tools to put your freight forwarding company in evidence:

Twig Badges

With the purpose of strengthening your freight forwarding company’s image inside the network and letting our members’ qualifications visible to the whole group, Twig has developed a badges system. The badges are stamps that go along with the members’ profile and help our agents to differentiate themselves within the network. This is a practical manner of identifying what kind of services each business provides and other specialties and qualifications they might have.

There are several types of badges; some examples of ways to be awarded are: practicing sustainability, being active in the network, exchanging significant business with other members, being in the logistics market for a considerable amount of time, attending our conferences and much more!

Twig Coins

Twig Coin is one more incentive we have created for our members to be involved with the network. It is an exclusive rewarding program created by our team to provide our agents with some bonus in return for their engagement with the group.

The system works like this: every time a freight forwarding company of the group exchanges business with another, or makes some action to contributes to the network, they will be rewarded with coins. Some examples of getting Twig coins are attending to our annual meeting, renewing your membership, reporting business exchanged with other members, getting new badges, etc.

Those coins will be accumulated over time and, once you reach a certain amount of coins, you will be eligible to exchange them for many different prizes, such as getting a free annual membership or free participation in our annual meeting.

Partner Rating

Twig Partner Rating is a tool that allows any Twig member to rate their experience with other partners inside the group. The tool can be used inside Twig’s internal area, all you need to do is access the profile of the member you wish to rate and give them a score from 1 to 5 stars, based on the quality of their services. Although the evaluation is confidential (only the Twig team has access to them), they will help us to run constant quality control and ensure only members with a high rate get to renew their membership with Twig.


Business Report

Twig Business Report was created for Twig members to register in our system every time they exchange business with another agent from the group.  Besides helping us identify active and inactive members, it is also a way to receive some Twig coins.

Twig App

The Twig App was created with the intent of making communication between our members more dynamic. It allows Twiggers to easily access some of our tools and be able to search and contact freight forwarding companies in a specific location directly from their mobile device. The app is free for Twig members and available for use on both Android and Apple smartphones.

Twig’s social media posts

We are always posting interesting news and updates about our agents’ businesses in our blog and Facebook page. This is a strategy we have to keep our members informed about everything that is going on in the Twig community and establish a direct communication platform between agents in the group. If you are a Twigger and have something you think would be interesting to share with other members, send it to our team and we will post it for you!

Just by doing that you will be increasing the visibility you have in our group and influencing other agents to create a positive image of your company!

Twig Events

Participating in conferences is one of the most powerful ways of getting yourself out there, and promoting your freight forwarding company to other agents. At Twig, the agents have the chance to do all of that and much more at our annual meetings.

Twig provides to our agents the perfect environment for business generation through the direct contact with freight forwarders worldwide, a great organization, many 1on1 meetings, workshops, and social events! All of that at incredible touristic locations!


Become Twig member!

Now that you know more about some of Twig’s main tools & programs, and understand how they will help you to put your business in evidence, it is time to start taking advantage of them!

If you are still not a Twig member, join Twig now and have access to these and many more amazing benefits that will boost your freight forwarding company and bring you much more visibility in the international logistics market!

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