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Twig Updates

Dec 17, 2019

Twiggers Validation: Twig’s new quality method control

Finding a reliable freight forwarder partner, even when you are part of  a logistics network, can be pretty difficult and stressful. Sometimes, the only information you know about the company is it’s contact and country.

For this reason, we created some quality control methods to pre-select members and also guarantee that only the best will stay in our network. And now, we created another method to make this selection even better. In this post, we are going to explain how our methods control works, mainly the Twiggers Validation.

Twig’s quality methods control: how does it works?

Member Selection

Criteria used to define whether or not the company is eligible to become a Twig member. The member will pass through a strict selection process, which gives us a full perspective of the company before accepting them as a member. The stages at this process consists in:

1º stage: Initial Analysis – First, we will analyze if the company is as good as we need it to be, but how will we do that? We will start by checking the company’s website, institutional material, services and differentials.

2º stage: Proof of Eligibility – The company is asked to send us the license and registration allowing them to work as a freight forwarder in their home country. Receiving these documents is necessary for us to verify that they are eligible to join Twig.

3º stage: Background Check – Our team checks if the company is listed in any international blacklist of freight forwarding debtors. We also analyze the company’s financial situation using the Dun and Bradstreet number.

4º stage: Infrastructure Check – The company is asked to send pictures showing their office’s infrastructure, so that our team can make sure their facilities are compatible with Twig’s quality standards.

5º stage: Partner Recommendation – The company is asked to send us the contact information of two of their current international forwarding partners. We will contact these agents and get their feedback on their experience working with the company.

Evaluation of Member Performance

Strategies and tools to constantly monitor the quality and reliability of each Twig member, helping us define whether or not they will be eligible to renew their membership. Get to know the tools that we use to keep selecting our members, even after they are at the network:

  • Twig Partner Rating: A system that allows Twig members to rate their experience working with each other. They are an effective way to run constant quality control and ensure only high-rated companies are able to renew their membership.
  • Twig Badges: Stamps that go along every members’ profile and help the freight forwarders to differentiate themselves in the network. The badges are a practical way for us to identify each members’ specialties and qualifications.
  • Twig Visit: Every year, our Directors travel to visit the offices of some Twig members. During this visit, they will be able to personally check and ensure the quality of every business inside the network.
  • Twig Invoice Claim: This tool is an official channel for our members to claim an invoice that was not paid on time by any Twig partner. As soon as the claim is presented, Twig Team helps the members with the follow up of the payment and can apply the corresponding punishment to the partner.
  • Engagement with the group: We will also check each member’s engagement efforts in the group. To evaluate this, we consider the following aspects: business exchange with other members,participation in the meetings and usage of Twig tools.

What is the Twiggers Validation?

For us,our members information are really valuable! Taking that into consideration, we have established another quality control method which requires their assistance: the Twiggers Validation. This method comes as the last step of the selection process of new members.

It was created, because we realized that sometimes our members, as they are inserted in the market, they can have some information, that us as a network, might not have access to it. So before accepting new companies, it is extremelly important that we hear what our current members have to say about the company who is passing through our selection process.

How Twiggers Validation works?

This new method works as follows:

1º step: Twig members will receive an email telling who is the possible new company to join.

2º step: They will check if they have already exchanged business with the company interested.

3º step: They will have 24h to answer an email telling how was their experience working with the company interested in joining us.

4º step: After the answers, we will evaluate if we will follow or not with the acceptance of the new company.

Want to be part of Twig?

It is because we do all this strict process so carefully, that we have the biggest renewal rate (98%) in the market, gathering only the best freight forwarders around the world. This way, we are sure that we only gather the most qualified agents and the ones that fits our members needs. 

If you want to enjoy this and all the other Twig Tools, come join our network and be part of the Twig family!

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