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Mar 06, 2019

Twig Talk Annual Meeting: why is it the best logistics conference?

Connections and networking mean everything in the life of a freight forwarder – they are how these professionals increase their sales in the logistics market, as well as their business’ visibility. Did you know attending logistics annual meeting is one of the most effective strategies to make good connections and expand your business’ network?

However, it is important to choose well the logistics meeting you are going to attend. On today’s post, we will talk about a great opportunity you to be in contact with reliable freight forwarders worldwide and develop long-term relationships with them: Twig Logistics Network’s next annual meeting, Twig Talk 2019!

Twig’s annual meeting aims to set up a high-level event, letting its members get to know each other personally and offering a suitable structure to encourage business. It’s good to remember non-members are welcome too: if you’re a not a Twigger, you can participate as a guest and enjoy all the Twig Talk’s events.

We have already promoted 5 successful editions of Twig Talk, and in 2019, our event promises to be even greater, providing our agents with the perfect environment for business generation through the direct contact with reliable professionals, a great organization, many 1on1 meetings, and social events! All of that at a perfect touristic location – an amazing beach resort located in Playa del Carmen, one of the most paradisiac cities of the Caribbean.

Are you wondering what kind of benefits taking part in our annual meeting will bring to your business and why our structure is so ideal to increase your network and business generation? Check out some below!


Benefits of attending Twig’s annual meeting


Proximity to members and team

One of Twig Logistics Network’s main differentials is the proximity between the agents and Twig’s team, we all become like a big family! And this can also be seen during our annual conference, where for 4 days, all the attendees and organization staff are in close contact. A good example is that our managing director Guilherme Luz will be available during 1on1 meetings, and attendees can schedule individual meetings with him to give feedback or ideas to improve our network’s skills even more!

Do you want to see it for yourself? Watch this short video and hear from the attendees themselves how they were impressed and satisfied with the organization of our last Twig Talk edition!



Over 150 attendees worldwide

Twig Talk’s last edition counted with 120 attendees and had a 99% satisfaction level. In this year’s edition, we are expecting to welcome even more of our members in Playa del Carmen. By attending, you will have access to a high-class infrastructure and organization, and through 1on1 meetings, social events and cocktails, you will have the best of the opportunities to connect and make interesting partnerships with freight forwarders from all over the world.


Expand your company’s visibility 

Another Twig Talk benefit is to enable greater visibility to your company. Throughout the 4 days of the annual meeting, you will have many opportunities to show your company to the attendees, especially at the 1on1 meetings. A good tip here is to always have a business card and a brochure about your company with you, then you can easily present your logistics company to others.

Furthermore, Twig Talk allows companies to sponsor the conference in several ways. You can improve your visibility not only by participating in the events and distributing your own marketing materials but also by inserting your logo in exclusive spots and special products during Twig Talk. If you want to know more about Twig Talk sponsorship possibilities, click here.


Increase business opportunities

The main purpose of participating in any logistics network or logistics meeting is, of course, to generate business. The great advantage to attend Twig Talk, according to some attendees, is that the conference offers real possibilities to make new business.

With well-organized 1-on-1 meetings, Twig Talk embraces this goal and provides the best atmosphere to encourage business. These personal meetings are supported by a good physical structure and a special notebook given by our team to help the attendees to organize all the content discussed in their meetings and possible partners contact information.


Be up to date with what’s new in the group


As part of our annual meeting activities, attendees will take part in an exclusive workshop with Twig’s Managing Director, Guilherme Luz. This will be the perfect opportunity for our members and guests to see what Twig has accomplished as a group in the last year, learn how to make the most of each Twig tool and see everything that is about to be launched.

On top of that, our partner WiseTech and sponsor Interjet will also promote interesting workshops for the attendees!


Have a good time

Although the main purpose of our annual meeting is to promote a lot of business generation among our members, it is also the perfect environment for attendees to have a good time. Twig Talk 2019 will take place at an amazing resort located in one of the most agitated cities in Mexico. Apart from all the social events and 1on1 meetings, attendees will have the chance to enjoy the city’s nightlife, socialize with people from all over the world and enjoy all that Playa del Carmen has to offer! You don’t want to miss this opportunity!


Got interested?

Join us at Twig Summit 2020. It will be a memorable conference and we are sure you will enjoy every minute of it, making several business connections and having a lot of fun!

You still can attend Twig Summit 2020, click on the button below to learn all the details about our annual conference and register for interest.