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Dec 05, 2018

Logistics Conferences 2019: Why should you be attending Twig Talk?

We are beyond excited for Twig Talk 2019, which promises to be one of the best logistics conferences of the year! The annual meeting will take place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, from April 24-27. Besides gathering independent freight forwarders from all over the world, it will provide each attendee with the most valuable atmosphere for business generation. 

In case you are not familiar with all the benefits that Twig Talk 2019 can bring to your business, check out the numbers below!

  • 145 attendees
  • From over 50 countries
  • + 2,500 1on1 meetings
  • Interesting Workshops
  • Social Events & Twig Cup

Our logistics conferences schedule is full of activities to bring attendees together into this amazing atmosphere of business generation. Check out some reasons why you can’t miss our next conference!

Why should you attend Twig Talk 2019?

      One of the most powerful logistics conferences worldwide

Any professional in the logistics field would rather exchange business with someone they’ve met personally. This will make them trust their partners more and ensure they are reliable agents. However, most opportunities to meet with agents are logistics conferences, and the vast majority of them is held in Europe. This makes it harder for Latin American businesses to attend these events and strengthen their relationship with the rest of the world.

Twig Talk 2019 is the solution to this issue. Attending our conference is one of the most effective strategies for Latin American forwarders to connect with the rest of the world. Whether your company is established in Latin America or overseas, Twig Talk will be the ideal chance for it to enhance your performance in the global scenario and make interesting partnerships locally and globally.

      Represent your country to worldwide forwarders

Every freight forwarder knows that the logistics market is very competitive. Therefore, it is quite hard to stand out from all the other companies that cover the same market as you do.

However, considering Twig Logistics Network quality control’s policy, we provide one of the most select logistics conferences worldwide. Hence, you will be able to have great representability and develop several interesting connections with agents that are interested in doing business with the market your company covers. Therefore, Twig Talk 2019 is the perfect chance for your business to be in the spotlight on a global level!

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Increase your business opportunities

Generating business. This is basically everyone’s main goal when attending logistics conferences. That being the case, Twig Talk 2019 is the ideal place for you to accomplish this goal. The conference will gather so many agents from all the locations. Everyone will immerse in an atmosphere of expanding their business’ opportunities.

You will be able to develop several new relationships and, of course, increase your company’s sales perspective!

        Flexible schedule of meetings

At Twig Talk 2019, we let attendees free to schedule meetings with whomever they would like to. This means that you have total flexibility to adjust your schedule according to your best interests. You can choose the agents whom you will have 1on1 meetings with and personally create your agenda during the event.

Having a personalized schedule is one more way to ensure you make the most of your attendance at logistics conferences.


        Have an amazing time!

Besides all the benefits mentioned above, the event will also be a lot of fun! Imagine being at an all inclusive 5-star resort, in a paradisiac location, with attendees from all over the world. It couldn’t be a better atmosphere!

And to make things even more enjoyable, there will also be many social events, such as the Cocktail Reception, Twig Fiesta, and Twig Cup, where you can meet everyone, dance and enjoy good food and drinks!

With all these advantages, you don’t want to miss Twig Talk 2019.

Be part of a logistics event like you’ve never seen

Now that you know these tips, it is time to start thinking about putting them into practice. A great opportunity to do this, is at our annual meeting: Twig Summit 2020.