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Twig Events News

Jul 01, 2021

Take a look on everything that happened on the Twig Awards

Every year, during our annual meeting, we awarded the most engaged companies inside our platform and to also show everything that we’ve done inside our platform during the last months.

However, with such atypical year, in which we couldn’t meet our partners face to face, we had to go beyond and think of a way to deliver a great experience for our members. This is why we’ve created the Twig Awards.

In this post, we are going to make an overview of what happened on this digital meet.

Business Report Category

To choose the winners of this category, we’ve selected the 3 companies that added the biggest number of business inside of our platform during the last year. Check them out:

3rd Place: Anil Mantra Logistix from India with 316 business

2nd Place: EVL Transportes e Logistica from Brazil with 458 business

1st Place: Royal Cargo do Brasil from Brazil with  614 business

Twig Coins Category

In this category, the winners were the companies that have done the biggest number of Twig Coins during the last year. Check our winners:

3rd Place: TITAN Cargo from Belgium with 17250 Twig Coins

2nd Place: Anil Mantra Logistix from India with 19550 Twig Coins

1st Place: Honour Lane Shipping Limited from Hong Kong with 22300 Twig Coins

Partner Rating Category

We’ve followed three different criterias to select the winner of this category: 

  1. The best partner rating
  2. Number minimum of votes
  3. Biggest average

1st place: TITAN Cargo from Belgium with 4,9 stars

Team Builder Badge Award

And the last category was the Badge Award. Every year we choose one of our badges to award the company that has the best activities involving the actions from that badge. This year, the one we’ve chosen was the “Team Builder” and the company that has shown the best activities inside the company in order to improve their growth, was the winner.

1st place: Royal Cargo do Brasil from Brazil

We would like to thank all the members that participated in this event with us and also congratulate all the winners. If you weren’t able to be online during the Twig Awards, you can also watch the event here.