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Aug 12, 2020

Members News: Marinair Freight Limited

Check out the main news and information from our member Marinair Freight Limited located in Tanzania

About Marinair Freight Limited 

Marinair Freight Ltd was established in Tanzania in 1987. Their business goal is to facilitate seamless commercial transactions across international borders. They leverage vast experience in the logistics industry spanning over 30 years to deliver world-class services to their clientele.

Twig’s member makes a transportation of an helicopter 

July 2020

Marinair Freight Limited have been working with one of their clients who is an aviation company called Everett Aviation based in Tanzania with offices in Kenya and Mozambique. In the

aviation sector they are well versed with projects pertaining to aircraft on the ground (AOG).

What would happen would be the aircrafts/helicopters would be in need of immediate spares.

The type of helicopter which has been imported is the Sikorsky S92. This particular helicopter can carry 22 people at a time and it is going to be used in the offshore oil and gas industry. 

Currently there is a oil pipeline project which is connecting Tanga in Tanzania to Masaka in Uganda. The pipeline will span 1400 kilometers. This helicopter will be used to transport specialist contractors and engineers to and from the entire pipeline distance.

The transportation of this helicopter was done from USA with only the body of the helicopter. Sikorsky Helicopter, S92A, S/N 920142, partially dismantled, fully operational complete with engines, Main Rotor Blades, and other removed components, communication/ navigation & safety equipment to operate this aircraft. The shipment transited Durban South Africa to pick up wooden crates which had the rest of the components for the helicopter. Upon everything being loaded and making the bird complete in South Africa it was there onwards shipped to Dar es salaam, Tanzania from which Marinair Freight handled the clearance and transportation to the final delivery address of the client. 

The client’s offices are based at the Julius Nyerere International Airport. Transport was from Dar es salaam Port Terminal to the Airport. For the transportation the trailer has to be specifically modified in order for the wheels of the helicopter to be securely locked in and avoid any movements during the transportation journey from the Port to the Airport.