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Jul 13, 2021

Team Builder Badge Award

In our annual meetings, we always choose one badge to award the company that has the best achievements on it. This year, the one we’ve chosen was the Team Builder Badge.

On this blogpost, you will understand everything about this award category, it’s winner and also what they have done to guarantee the winning position.

What are the Twig Bages?

Twig badges are stamps that go along with the members’ profile and help the freight forwarders to differentiate themselves within the network. This is a practical manner of identifying what kind of services the companies provide and other specialties and qualifications they might have.

What is the Team Builder Badge?

The Team Builder Badge consists of activities, trainings, informative webinars, courses or anything to support your team’s growth

Get to know our winner: Royal Cargo do Brasil

Royal Cargo do Brasil is a 100 % Brazilian logistics provider, with the headquarters strategically located in Itajaí/SC, and branch offices in Curitiba/PR , São Paulo/SP, and Manaus/AM covering all Brazilian ports and airports.

Their team is passionate and well experienced in all the logistics chain. Striving to be the trusted partner you can count on every day, they do business with a set of values that are at the core of their company. They will perform their business by being strongly ethical, inspiring trust by being upfront with their customers and taking responsibility for their actions. 

Royal Cargo do Brasil’s activities for the Team Builder Badge

Royal Flipping Minds 

An event to actually open and expand the minds of their employees. In this event they talk about finances, personal life, professional life, technology, spirituality, communication, well being, and so on. It happens once a year, usually in June. 

On it they have courses, lectures and innovative experiences. They’ve had experiences with a time tunnel, virtual reality games, 6D sound, etc, all in the interest of learning and expanding.

Teus&Tons Podcast

Their podcast and communication channel with the market. It has the social purpose of better preparing the Brazilian foreign trade operators, and this includes their collaborators. Today, in addition to listeners, they invite people from various positions to participate in the podcast, at the table talking or generating other content.

Training or Discussion Groups 

Every Friday at 4 pm they have a training session or a discussion group among all collaborators to work on themes related to everything around their work. They talk about everything from company history to problem solving, about prejudices, culture, self-care, etc.

Royal University

 They made a partnership with the Instituto Crescer, where they have needy young people who seek to know and be trained for a possible profession. They took this to their employees, and they had a great part as volunteers, setting up a cargo management course to present to the needy young people.

Buddy Project

Everyone who joins Royal Cargo receives a “buddy”, who is an employee who helps the person for the first 3 months in the company, to pass on all the knowledge, culture, and behavior. In addition, the buddy is responsible for integrating the new person into the social circle of Royal Cargo.


They have an organizational climate survey tool, and as it is anonymous, they debate it among a group of managers, and they take the answer to everyone (without knowing who made the criticism), in order to find a good solution for everyone. So, as we discuss, they understand that many times the problems can be solved among their own team.

We would like to congratulate Royal Cargo do Brasil to have won this award and also have implemented so many great strategies to their team’s growth. We hope you all can also have some ideas to develop on your own company.

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