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Twig Updates

Nov 22, 2016

Twig Badges: certifying the quality of our members

Twig Logistics Network is always trying to create tools that make the interaction between its members easier and effective. With that purpose, Twig has developed a badges system. The badges are stamps that go along with the members’ profile and help the freight forwarders to differentiate themselves within the network. This is a practical manner of identifying what kind of services the companies provide and other specialties and qualifications they might have.

There are several types of badges; some examples of ways to be awarded are:


What are the benefits of the Twig badges?

twig-twig-news_nov_sem4-05They strengthen your logistics company’s image

It is very important for companies to stand out in the group and become the one that members most look when they need a service. The stamps are an effective tool to help you on this since they evidence your business’ qualifications. With the badges, your company’s profile will definitely be more attractive and complete for prospects.

twig-twig-news_novThey are easy to interpret

The Twig badges will save you some time when looking for a partner or service. Instead of having to read all the information on a member’s profile to learn their qualifications, those stamps are an efficient way of knowing what are the most outstanding factors about their business. The badges  are intuitive and correspond to how professional your company is.

twig-twig-news_nov_sem4-07They show how active and reliable you are

Freight forwarders will want to know how active your company is in the logistics network before they decide to contact you. By having awards that indicate you are constantly exchanging business or that you use to attend on logistics conferences, for example, you will show how engaged you are with the group. With Twig badges you are also able to prove your reliability in many ways: you can show how long you are in the market, what are your expertise and more.

twig-twig-news_nov_sem4-08They contribute to generating business

Lastly, having Twig badges in your profile aggregates value to your company and this consequently influences on your sales. The more qualified you are, the more other members will reach out to you and want to do business with you. This is why Twig members should always try their best to get as many badges as they can!


We hope to have helped you to understand more about Twig badges, how they work and what benefits they may bring to your logistics company. If you are already a Twig member and want to know all stamps we offer or to apply for them, click here.

In case you are still not part of Twig, talk to our team or access our website to learn more about the group and the many benefits it will bring to your freight forwarding company! You will see that our badges are just one of the many tools we offer to Twig agents to make the most of their business opportunities.