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Twig Updates

Sep 15, 2017

Twig Visit: Understand how it works

At Twig Logistics Network, we value being a select group and promote close contact between our staff and everyone in the Twig community. For this reason, we are always thinking about innovative ways of increasing our interaction with members and running constant quality control. This is how Twig Visit was created.


About Twig Visit

Twig Visit consists of a program where our directors visit the offices of at least 3 Twig members per year. At this visit, they will get to know more about the company, its history and meet with all the employees. Besides, Twig directors will be able to personally check and ensure the quality of every business inside the network.

Furthermore, once each visit is done, we will share a video with its highlights to the entire Twig community. Through this video, members will be able to see the infrastructure of the company visited, learn more about its history and services, and check an exclusive interview with its main representative.

To conclude, Twig visit is one more way to keep our staff in close contact with the members. It is also a way to expand your company’s visibility to the entire community!


Some of the companies Twig has visited so far

Although Twig Visit has only begun this year, our directors have already visited 5 companies. The visits were very successful and members were satisfied to share some of their routine and infrastructure with us.  Check out which members were already visited!