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Nov 08, 2017

Twig Talk’s 1on1 meetings: building trust to get more business opportunities

Twig Talk 2018 is coming soon and promises to be the greatest event for independent freight forwarders from all over the world. The 5th edition of our conference will happen in Aruba, from April 12th to 15th. This is the chance for Twig members and guests to interact, talk about their businesses and increase their sales opportunities through expanding their company’s visibility to a global scale.

Besides counting with a first-class organization, attendees from all over the world, workshops and social events, there is a specific thing about Twig Talk that makes it the perfect environment for businesses generation: 1on1 meetings. This concept is very used in logistics and basically, consists of personal meetings between two forwarding agents to discuss business. If you want to learn more about it click here to check our previous post, with detailed information about 1on1 meetings.

Today, we will talk about how participating in 1on1 meetings will give you more business and sales opportunities. This mainly happens because of a simple reason: personal contact generates the development of long-term partnerships. Researchers show that freight forwarders feel more confident about exchanging business with a partner they have already met, and so joining 1on1 meetings is a great opportunity for you to do that and increase your business’ credibility and sales!

To better exemplify this idea, we have a list of reasons on why 1on1 meetings are important to build trust and increase your business opportunities.

They have a precise purpose

1on1 meetings, or face-to-face meetings, are a reserved time during a conference where attendees are there for one single reason: talking with other agents about their business, learning more details about other people’s business and the logistics services they offer, exchange each other’s contact information and from there, having the opportunity to developing a long-term partnership.

The fact these meetings have a well-defined purpose makes them very straightforward; unlike other social events at a conference, where you will need to fight for the attention of other agents, at 1on1 meetings there will be a period of time just for you and another agent, who shares a common interest with you, to discuss business. This allows agents to optimize their short time at the conference and make the most of the opportunities they have there.

They are based on personal interest

At Twig Talk 2018, we allow attendees to create their own agenda and schedule their own meetings with any freight forwarder they’d like. Every attendee that confirms their presence at our event gets a login and a password to access our exclusive system, where they can see what companies and freight forwarders will also be attending, their opening time slots and schedule appointments with the ones that most interest them.

This is another good thing about 1on1 meetings, they allow you to talk to whomever you want inside a conference, and share information about your business with the attendees you think would make great partners for you.

They are just the starting point of a long-term partnership

1on1 meetings might be the first contact you have with a forwarding agent, but if they are well conducted, surely not the last. These 30 minutes will be just the starting point to a long-term partnership, which you will keep once the conference is over and that will possibly become a sale for your company in the future.


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You can still join us as we board on our way to Twig Talk 2018 and enjoy the 1on1 meetings at the conference to develop connections with more forwarding agents and get more business opportunities!

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