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May 24, 2016

Twig Talk 2016 – It was a success!

Between 12 and 15 May 2016, Twig Logistics Network organized the network annual meeting: Twig Talk. Twig Talk 2016 is the logistics network 3rd annual meeting, and it gathered worldwide freight forwarders.

This year the freight forwarders event happened in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it was held on the Paradisus Playa Del Carmen Resort, that count with an excellent event and leisure structure. Twig Logistics Network team received more than 80 attendees, almost 34% more than the previous year.

The logistics event started on the 12th, with a tour around Tulum and Cobá, where the attendees could know more about the mayan culture, visit mayan temples, ruins and well known “cenotes”, they could also benefit from the amazing Caribbean sea view in Tulum.

At the end of the day, Twig Logistics Network  held the cocktail reception, in order to welcome all attendees to Twig Talk 2016. The reception had a Mexican atmosphere, so the network team received all members together with a mariachi band, and margarita! They could also enjoy an international band while making the first business contacts and meeting old friends.

At the 13th, the group got together to watch Twig Talk Workshop. It started with Twig Logistics Network partner Timothy Josupait from WiseTech giving productivity tips to all members. The second lecture was focusing on a logistics market gap: marketing, Ms. Thais Faria, Commercial Director of LoGo Logistics Advertising, a specialized agency in the logistics market, talked about how and why to invest in marketing. At the end of the morning, Twig Logistics Network Managing Director, Mr.Guilherme Luz talked to the members about what the network have been doing in the last year, and the expectation to next year. Mr. Luz launched two new products that will be on air on the next months.

After the workshop, the attendees started to make the 1on1 meetings at the freight forwarding event. The meetings lasted for the next three days. There were more than 800 1on1 meetings, almost two times of 2015 meetings numbers, counting with attendees from more than 50 countries.

At the 14th may, Twig Logistics Network received all attendees for the last event, the closing dinner. At the dinner, the network marketing director, Ms. Marina Felício gave prizes to the two sponsors:

Mr. Jose Garza from Logistics plus - Mexico, and Mr.Jeffrey Song from Royaline - China, receiving the Twig Talk 2016 sponsor prize.

Mr. Jose Garza from Logistics plus – Mexico, and Mr.Jeffrey Song from Royaline – China, receiving the Twig Talk 2016 sponsor prize.

Twig Logistics Network also gave prizes to the companies that have more badges in the logistics network. Logistics Plus from Mexico got the 1st place with 21 badges,Royal Cargo from Brazil got the 2nd place with 19 badges, and the 3rd place was Venosa Cargo with 18 badges.

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Mrs. Gabriela Garza from Logistics Plus with the 1st place prize, Mr. Arlon Pereira with the 2nd place prize, and Mr. Gonzalo Venosa with the 3rd place prize.

Twig Logistics Network thanks the presence of all attendees! We hope to meet you again next year!

We have made a survey to check the attendees oppinion over Twig Talk 2016, if you want to check all results, click here.

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