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Apr 20, 2017

Twig Talk Sponsors: Learn more about them and the benefits they have

We are just coming back from our annual conference, Twig Talk 2017, which was a total success – click here to see more about it. Our event wouldn’t have been the same without the participation of every attendee, or without the great sponsors we had: FAST, CTC and T.C.L..

On previous posts, we have already talked about the reasons you should sponsor a logistics event – you can click here to check it out. However, today we will talk specifically about the advantages of sponsoring our annual conference, Twig Talk.  For that, we will show you some of the exclusive things our members get from sponsoring Twig’s conference:

  • 2 free passes for Twig Talk
  • Fixed table at 1-on-1 meetings
  • Personalized banner
  • Presence in all printed materials
  • Full-page ad in the event’s special notebook
  • Online actions
  • Sponsor certificate
  • Logo at Twig’s Team signature

Twig Logistics Network has accepted 3 sponsors for the last conference, what is highly recommended for companies that want to stand out from other attendees and promote themselves in an effective, professional way.

Our 2017 sponsors were extremely satisfied with the outcome of sponsoring Twig Talk and all the visibility the sponsorship brought to their businesses! Below you can learn more about each one of them:

FAST – Freight Air & Sea Transport

FAST is a freight forwarding company from the United States. Through the years they have built a reputation for excellence in shipping and logistics. Customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority: they are highly committed to covering the entire supply chain with personalized and cost-efficient shipping solutions.

CTC Logistics

CTC Logistics is an air & ocean cargo service provider in the Dominican Republic.  They are a young company but with an experienced team with around 10  years’ experience. CTC has built a very strong relationship with several shipping lines and airlines which give them the chance to get very competitive rates and smoothly operation.

T.C.L. – True Companion Logistics

Established in 2012 in Hong Kong, True Companion Logistics (T.C.L.) has established an enormous reputation within freight forwarding community as a customer-focused company. Within 4 years, T.C.L. extended its influence by opening several branches in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Cambodia. With the company’s philosophies of Less is more, T.C.L. has always emphasized the importance of the cooperation with partners.

Our 2017 conference has already happened but don’t worry! We are already planning next year’s Twig Talk, which promises to be even better and bring more benefits to attendees and sponsors!

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