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May 03, 2018

Twig Talk 2018: See the highlights of our incredible event

It is with great pleasure that we announce the conclusion of the 5th edition of our annual conference. Twig Talk 2018 was held at the Hyatt Regence Resort Spa and Casino, located in Palm Beach, Aruba, from April 12th to 15th. Combining paradisiac scenario with a great organization and infrastructure, the event counted with attendees from all over the globe and provided an amazing atmosphere for them to develop partnerships, increase business opportunities and enjoy all that the enchanting island of Aruba has to offer.

See what Twig Talk 2018 was like in numbers:

  • 120 attendees
  • Over 40 countries
  • 70 worldwide companies
  • + 1400 1on1 meetings

Twig Talk 2018: The overview

Twig Talk 2018’s agenda was filled with a tour, workshops, 1on1 meetings and social events. Below, you can see in details the highlights of each one of these activities.

Registration + Twig Tour

As Twig Talk 2018 attendees started arriving in Aruba, they would meet with one of our representatives at the airport and ride in an exclusive shuttle provided by Twig to the Hyatt Regence Resort. Once they had checked in at the hotel and got settled into their rooms, it was time to register for the event at the reception, where the Twig Team would hand each attendee a special kit that included a handbag, a sun visor, a Twig cup, a floating cup holder and a special notebook.

On April 12th, as we kicked off the conference, attendees woke up and got ready for the Twig Tour. The tour consisted of a 4-hour sail adventure aboard the 85 ft Jolly Pirates Schooners. The boat sailed around the beautiful Aruban coastline, where Twiggers could dance, drink, swim, snorkel and enjoy an amazing rope swing!

Welcome Cocktail

In the evening, it was time for Twig Talk 2018’s welcome cocktail, a Caribbean celebration that took place at Hyatt’s beach deck. It was an amazing energy, where Twig members and staff got to catch up and first-time attendees got to introduce themselves to the rest of the group. The welcome cocktail was a wonderful moment to network in a more informal way, and attendees still got to enjoy the show of a local band, have drinks and a delicious dinner!


On April 13th, during the morning, the event was officially open with a workshop from Twig’s managing director, Guilherme Luz. He gave an overview of all the accomplishments that Twig Logistics Network had in the last year, such as the launch of the Twig App and some other tools like Twig Partner Rating and Twig Visit. Moreover, he talked about the improvements planned for the following year and presented some awards to the Twig members that had an outstanding performance under certain categories. Attendees also enjoyed workshops with some of Twig’s partners – Thais Faria, from LoGo – Logistics Marketing and Tim Josupait, from WiseTech Global.

1on1 meetings

In the afternoon, the 1on1 meetings started and went on until April 15th, totalizing 2 days and a half of the event’s agenda exclusively dedicated for Twig Talk 2018 attendees to discuss business opportunities with each other. The meetings were scheduled in advance by attendees through Twig’s online system and, by the end of the event, each freight forwarder got to talk with approximately 40 others.

The exclusive notebooks given to the attendees helped them organize themselves and write down their perceptions after each meeting they had. The notebook had a space reserved for each company, as well as some of its most important information.

Closing party – Twig Fiesta

In order to end Twig Talk 2018 in the best way, attendees and the Twig staff had a wonderful time together at the Twig Fiesta, an open sky party around the resort’s pool. The party was entirely decorated in Aruban style, and attendees got to dance to a local band, enjoy a great Carnival presentation, have many drinks and a delicious dinner with many options of Aruban and International Cuisine.

The outcome of our 5th annual conference was incredible! Twig Talk 2018 attendees were very satisfied with the organization of the event and with how close Twig’s staff was with them throughout the whole conference, concentrating all their efforts on providing members with the most amazing and unforgettable experience.

We were very pleased with the presence of each one of our members and guests, and now it is time to start thinking about next year’s conference, which we plan to be even better! Stay tuned at Twig Logistics Network’s website to find out all the Twig Talk 2019’s news.

If you aren’t a Twig member, join us now and enjoy all our network benefits. We hope to see you at our next event!

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