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Aug 22, 2016

Twig Talk 2017: our next stop is Punta Cana!

Twig Talk 2017 – Twig Logistics Network annual meeting, already has its next destination! The 2017 conference will happen in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic, from 29th March to 1st April, and it will include not only some improvements as much more attendees.

Twig Talk 2017

It is worth mentioning how Twig Talk has been increased on each edition. The opening conference happened in April 2014 at Balneário Camboriú, a beautiful city in southern Brazilian coast, and it was a great success by counting with 40 attendees from 30 different countries. In 2015, the Twig Talk took place in Belo Horizonte, one of the biggest cities in Brazil. The event included 60 attendees from 40 countries and the social events provided good opportunities to approach members and make new business. On the following year, the Twig Talk traveled to Mexico and was held in a large resort in Playa Del Carmen. With 85 attendees from all continents, Twig Talk 2016  held 810 1on1 meetings with real possibilities of business and the event reached 100% of attendees approval.

In the first two conferences, Twig Talk happened right after the South America Intermodal fair at São Paulo – Brazil. In 2017, Twig Talk will happen on the weekend before the fair, allowing attendees to take part in two great logistics events with one trip to Latin America.

twig talk 2017

twig talk 2017

Twig Talk expects 120 worldwide attendees for the 2017 edition! It will be more than 60 countries combined in the same place, improving old partnerships and increasing the possibility of making new business. Twig Talk 2017 will maintain its lively social events – including a Welcome Cocktail and Closing Dinner – and well-organized 1on1 meetings. It is important to highlight that Twig Talk team gives the best support for these personal meetings, providing a good physical structure and a special notebook that helps the attendees to organize all the content discussed in their meetings.

In addition, Twig Talk 2017 will include workshops with an overview of the conference and Twig Logistics Network. The workshop is an opportunity for all Twig members to understand what Twig has done in the past year and the plans for the next one. On the occasion, our Managing director, Mr. Guilherme Luz shows all products we have developed, how our members can benefit from them. He also shows the products we intend to develop until the next annual meeting, he asks if our members agree and if they have anything to add to the idea.


Twig Talk 2017 will take place at Paradisus Palma Real, a luxury 5-star beach resort at Punta Cana – Dominican Republic. The hotel provides an amazing structure not only to our conference as to the attendees’ families. Paradisus is located in an incredible Punta Cana spot, and offer comfort and beauty through a particular beach at Playa de Bávaro, different pools, luxury suites, all-inclusive buffets, à la carte restaurants, spa and tourism services, free wi-fi and other benefits. With all these services, the attendees can participate in the professional event and enjoy their family at the same time.

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