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Mar 08, 2017

Twig Talk: The first step to increasing your logistics sales

On today’s post, we will give you an important insight for you to increase your sales in logistics as much as you can this year. We have already talked about the importance of attending to logistics events in order to increase your network of connections and positively impact your business, as you can see in this blog post.

However, we know that there are many logistics events and conferences out there, and choosing the right one, which is the one that can bring you the most of the business opportunities and allow you to convert these opportunities into more sales, is the first step to making your attendance successful. Not sure about which event to attend?

We will help you make this decision today, by showing you all the amazing opportunities Twig Talk – the Twig’s annual meeting – has to increase all of its attendees’ logistics sales. See how this will happen:


You will greatly represent your country

Every freight forwarder knows that the logistics market is very competitive, and it is quite hard to stand out from all the other companies that cover the same market as you do.

However, considering Twig Logistics Network quality control methodology, our conference will be a very selective one, where you will be able to have great representability and will be able to develop several interesting connections with agents that are interested in doing business with the market your company covers. In other words, Twig Talk will provide you with the perfect environment for sales generation!


Developing long-term partnerships

At Twig Logistics Network, we chose to be a smaller network, so that our members could become like a big family. Some of our members have been attending Twig Talk since its very first edition and were so impressed by the organization that they make sure to be present at all the other editions we have promoted. This contributes to Twig Talk to be a friendly environment, where everyone is able to be in close contact throughout the event, as well as developing a straight relationship with Twig’s staff.

This will be a huge differential when it comes to sales generation. We believe that, by encouraging our members to develop close partnerships and keep them over the years, they will establish a big net of reliable connections, which they can always count to do business with.


Make your own schedule

Another great reason why Twig Talk has all the benefits you need to increase your sales in logistics is that, for most of the event, your schedule will be up to you! For the entire 1-on-1 meetings time, you will only be talking to agents that you consider important to partner with, introduce your business and get to know more about theirs. At Twig Talk, we let attendees free to schedule meetings with whoever would like to, so you can make your schedule according to your best interests.


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Be part of a logistics event like you’ve never seen

Now that you know these tips, it is time to start thinking about putting them into practice. A great opportunity to do this, is at our annual meeting: Twig Summit 2020.