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Our network is always coming up with new ways to help freight forwarders to expand their business and make strong and reliable connections all over the globe. That is why we are continually trying to innovate and use technologies to find solutions to our members. For this reason, Twig launched a new tool to make life easier for our Twiggers: it is the Twig Payment.

This new product is a platform where Twig members can make payments with a much lower fee than the ones charged by the banks. Here, we have the primary purpose of offering the best environment for our members to do business and expand their reach. So, for that, our team is always investing in new ideas to encourage them to be active within our network and be as engaged as they can.

Twig Payment: how does it work?

As we already told you, this new tool will facilitate international transactions between Twig’s members. Through the platform, our Twiggers will be able to make payments with fees that are much lower than the ones charged by banks – whether they are national or international.

But what are the taxes?

  • Transactions up to USD 5,000 – $5 dollars transfer fee
  • Transactions over USD 5,000 – No transfer fee

Awesome, right? Twig Payments will allow our members to do business more simply and cheaply. By allowing them to pay lower fees – or no fee at all – we are enabling them to generate real business opportunities and make more connections, finding new partners.

And that is our main goal. In Twig, we are constantly trying to be creative and looking for new ways to incentive our members to be active and make the most of their membership.

Want to be a part of Twig?

As the most selected network of global independent freight forwarders, Twig Logistics Network offers its members exclusive tools and features so that they can put their company in evidence and generate real and safe business.

So, if you think your company can aggregate more value to our group, then get in touch with us! We will help you build solid partnerships and expand your network.

All you have to do is fill in the form below, and we will contact you with more information about Twig:

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