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Twig Updates

May 17, 2018

Twig Partner Rating: an exclusive system to rate other members

At Twig, we know how important it is for a logistics network to keep innovating and coming up with new tools to encourage business generation. For this reason, we are constantly trying to create mechanisms that allow our members to show their qualifications, find reliable partners and easily communicate inside the group.

On today’s post, we will talk about one of the most important tools launched by Twig this year: Twig Partner Rating. Find out how it works and how it can benefit your experience with our network below!

Introducing Twig Partner Rating

Twig Partner Rating is an exclusive system created by us that allows any Twig member to rate their experience with other partners inside the group. The tool can be used inside the internal area, all you need to do is access the profile of the member you wish to rate and give them a score from 1 to 5 stars, based on the quality of their services.

1 star: Poor

2 stars:  Needs Improvement

3 stars: Good

4 stars: Very good

5 stars: Excellent

Although your evaluation is confidential (only the Twig team has access to them), they will help us to run constant quality control and ensure only members with a high rate get to renew their membership with Twig. The rating categories are:

  • Time to answer a quote request

How pleased were you with the time your Twig partner took to answer your quote request?

  • Prices offered

How do you rate the pricing offered by your Twig partner for the service(s) you hired?

  • Communication skills

How do you rate your Twig partner’s communication skills during the time you worked with them? E.g. customer service and follow-up.

  • Operational skills

How do you rate your Twig partner’s overall operational skills? E.g. infrastructure, team’s expertise and service delivered.

  • Accounting Reliability

How do you rate your Twig partner’s commitment in following the payment deadlines previously agreed by both parts?

Once you submit your partner’s evaluation, your company will be awarded some Twig coins and you also have the chance to invite the Twig agents you wish to rate their experience working with your company. Therefore, the Twig Partner Rating is a great tool to encourage every agent inside the group to share their thoughts and experiences with other members and maintain Twig as a safe and reliable network.

What are you waiting for to start rating your partners and get some Twig coins? Click here and let us know how was your experience with another Twig agent!

Still not a member? Don’t miss the chance to join the most selected group of independent freight forwarders worldwide and enjoy this and several other tools that will boost your sales in logistics.