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Twig Updates

Sep 02, 2019

Twig Network – New member limit per country

Twig has a new member limit per country. But why is that? We all know that each market has its own size and demand, right? So why should we have a static member limit for all of them? A country with a big market, or a vast port, may need more coverage, while others that are smaller don’t. 

So, thinking about that and evaluating other data and information, Twig changed its member limits by country. And, to let you know more about that, in today’s post, we will explain how this happened, what changed and what are the benefits. Ready? Then good reading!

How was the change made?

In the last months, Twig’s team studied each country to understand their market’s size, main characteristics, and also their particularities. All of that to discover what each one of them really needed and what was the best approach for them.

With all this information in hand, we analyzed all the data gathered and validated the idea to change the member limit per country with some of Twig members in our annual conference, the Twig Talk.

There, we listened to what they had to say, showed our discoveries and decided that it was time to make a change. Especially since it would be a change not to expand our member limit, but to adapt it to fit better within each market.

So, we started to analyze where we needed to grow our member limit number, and where we should decrease it. And this month we finalized our studies and changed Twig’s member limit per country.

See what has changed


  • Old limit: 144 members
  • New limit: 68 members


  • Old limit:132 members
  • New limit:106 members

Central America

  • Old limit: 94 members
  • New limit: 48 members


  • Old limit: 129 members
  • New limit: 111 members

North America

  • Old limit: 6 members
  • New limit: 10 members


  • Old limit: 21 members
  • New limit: 13 members

South America

  • Old limit: 36 members
  • New limit: 31 members

Discover all the new limits by clicking here.

Are there benefits?

Of course! The change will make our member limit more fair and viable to attend the market volume of each country.

And this will enable our members to do more business, find the right partners, and expand their reach and visibility!

Also, as you can see, the total number of members Twig can have in general, decreased. What does that mean? That we will continue to be the most modern and exclusive logistics network in the market!

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