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Jun 21, 2016

Twig Logistics Network annual meeting: 100% approval!

Twig Talk 2016 was a success, and we already know about it! If you didn’t have a chance to check how was our last annual meeting that happened in Playa del Carmen in May 2016, check out our previous post and see all details of the event.

In order to improve the next year’s event, we made a survey of the attendees present at Twig Talk 2016. We asked them what they thought about Twig Talk 2016, this way we can prepare something even better for Twig Talk 2017.

Check out a summary of how was Twig Talk 2016 and the attendees’ opinion over it:

twig talk, presence of companies from more than 50 countries

twig talk 2016, logistics event, freight forwarding event

After more than 800 1on1 meetings between freight forwarder from more than 50 different countries, 100% of visitors answered “Yes” when asked if they noticed the real possibility of business in the event. This is very important because the main goal of this annual meeting is to provide business opportunities to all our members!

business opportunities, logistics event, twig talk 2016

100% of visitors approved the organization of the social events held, such as the welcome reception and closing dinner. This is something we really care: make sure the freight forwarder representant always knows what to do, where to go, what to wear, and make sure the attendee is always taken care of. The organization of the logistics meeting is one of the big differentials of Twig Logistics Network annual meetings.

100% approval, logistics event, twig talk

Representatives of over 50 countries from all continents present in Twig Talk 2016 rated the event between 0 (very poor) to 10 (excellent). The average rating was 9.03! We are really happy to fulfill the Twig Logistics Network member expectations this way!

twig talk had a pontuation of 9,03 out of 10

Twig Logistics Network team thanks each attendee, this was only possible because of you. See you all in Twig Talk 2017!

We are starting to think about the next Twig Talk,  we are already asking our members to vote where they want us to go on 2017! Twig Logistics Network is a group of freight forwarders, and as a group, we must make all decisions together – including where we will go on Twig Talk 2017. Do you want to vote? Access this page and vote where you want Twig Talk 2017 to happen.

twig talk photos and videos

Be part of a logistics event like you’ve never seen

Now that you know these tips, it is time to start thinking about putting them into practice. A great opportunity to do this, is at our annual meeting: Twig Summit