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Feb 12, 2018

4 tools to optimize your freight forwarding sales routine

Closing sales is a big part of a freight forwarders’ daily life. It is mainly what keeps the logistics business moving and the reason why, in this field, professionals are constantly looking for partners abroad. However, it is known as a fact that people working in the logistics segment have quite a busy schedule.  And this often makes it hard for them to keep an organized sales routine.

In case you face this problem, don’t worry! This post intends to show you some tools that can optimize your freight forwarding sales routine and allow you to effectively monitor all your activities.


Why keeping an organized freight forwarding sales schedule?

With closing sales being one of the most important things for a freight forwarder, their sales actions should be very organized. After all, a professional who keeps good track of their company’s trade activities tends to have a more successful performance in the market.

However, you might be wondering: what does having an organized freight forwarding sales routine mean? Well, to begin with, it means being able to find strategic

partnerships, develop a connection with them and maintain this connection in the long run. It also involves keeping track of your company’s leads, which can be done by having the records of who you’ve exchanged business with in the past, as well as the details of the operation and its financial transactions.

By keeping all of this information in a database, it will be easier to monitor your activities. You will be able to tell who are the best partners you’ve worked with and the average of money spent and received in each operation. This can help you optimize your sales and take strategic actions to increase them even more.

Tools to optimize your routine

  • Logistics Networks

If you are a member of a reliable logistics network, such as Twig, you will have access to a long list of freight forwarders worldwide. More than a simple directory, networks work as a group of trustworthy companies that are willing to exchange business with each other. And by being part of one, you will have an effective method of finding partners and developing connections with them. This will, of course, optimize a lot your sales routine, as you will be able to concentrate all of your business’ actions on just one platform!

  • Conferences & Meetings

Logistics conferences are the ideal place to strengthen your relationship with worldwide partners and expand your sales perspectives. Therefore, another important tip to keep an organized sales schedule is coming up with a strategic conference agenda. Search for the meetings you find most interesting to attend and plan yourself ahead of time. You will see how taking part of these events can help you develop long-lasting connections with several sales partners.

Not sure which event you should attend? Twig’s annual conference, Twig Talk 2018, is just around the corner! It will take place in Aruba, from April 12-15th and promises to be the greatest for sales generation! Click here to learn more.

  • Sales Lead System

How can I reduce my sales cost in global logistics? How can I be more effective in the conversion of business leads? These questions are constantly asked by independent freight forwarding professionals. And the answer is very simple: through a sales lead system. The Sales Leads are the exchange of complete information for business opportunities as customer name, commodity, the frequency of shipments, practiced values and all other details of a potential deal.

Using this system will make it easier for you to send and track your company’s sales leads. Consequently, you will have better control and accuracy of information, increasing assertiveness in the commercial action. At Twig, we have developed our own sales lead system, where members can organize all of their transactions and keep an optimize freight forwarding sales schedule!

  • Partner Rating

Rating your partners is another effective strategy to optimize your freight forwarding sales routine. Every time you exchange business with another forwarder, make sure that you rate your experience with them. Don’t forget to include information like the time your partner took to answer your quote request, the price offered, how well their operational skills are, if you were able to establish good communication or had any financial issues during the operation.


All of this will help you to rank the best partners and avoid working again with unreliable forwarders! At Twig Logistics Network, we will provide our members with our own internal system of partner rating, which is just about to be launched!

As you can see, keeping your freight forwarding sales optimized can be simpler than you thought! Just by joining a reliable network, which can offer you several organizational tools, you’ll already be on the right path. Therefore, don’t miss any more time! Join us at Twig and see all these benefits for yourself!