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Jun 15, 2016

N+FOB talks about the differences between NVOCC and Direct Contract

Why would you use a forwarder rather than go direct? Going direct does cut out the middleman represented by the Forwarder, thus eliminating markups on the freight. But, have you ever wondered how much time and money could you be saving having a forwarder do it all for you? Check out what Dave Canfield from N+FOB (Network Fob) says about this topic:


Direct Contract:

As a fairly large importer/exporter, you are hiring a person to handle paperwork, contacting shippers/consignees, customs issues, annual bonds, insurance, and tracking. However, every minute your Logistics Manager spends having to deal with the SSL direct (waiting on hold, being transferred to multiple departments for a single answer, etc) is the time they could’ve used doing something to help improve the Supply Chain. You can’t get the time back!



Instead, an NVO has the ability to assist you quickly and provide you answers to your questions just as fast. Another perk is that an NVO takes the pain out of paperwork and customs clearance issues in addition to staying closely connected to the shipper throughout the entire process of getting the container(s) loaded. Because of this, a strong relationship is built between the shipper and the NVO agent in the country of shipment origin.

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