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All logistics networks share the purpose of providing their members with a safe and appropriate environment to exchange business with other forwarders across the globe. However, it is important to analyze what kind of assets each network offers to enable your company to accomplish this goal. Investing in logistics technology, for instance, says a lot about the effectiveness of a group.

Especially when it comes to the freight forwarding segment, which heavily relies on the development of international partnerships, technology is an essential asset. After all, what other way is there to connect with partners abroad besides the internet and all its tools?

As a freight forwarder, you probably send and receive several emails a day, use specialized software to track your customers’ cargo, monitor activities, among other daily tasks. The internet is, therefore, a vital part of your everyday job. When looking for a partner in another country, for example, it is the internet that will help you to analyze the options and seek for the best one.

Although logistics networks usually promote annual meetings, for the most part, their members can only network through the group’s online platform. For this reason, it is essential that the group you choose to join offers good logistics technology systems, with an internal area that is easy to browse and tools that really make a difference in your everyday life.

Below, you can see what makes Twig Logistics Network the most technological group in the market, and how each of our tools can help increase your business generation. Keep reading and check it out!

Twig’s logistics technology features

Modern Member Area

We understand that the internal area is the main platform every network has to offer, and ours was entirely developed to offer the best possible user experience to our members. Twig’s internal area allows members to easily search for agents by country/company name, as well as set up a complete and attractive profile for their company, adding photos, digital presentations and as many contacts as they wish to it.

On top of that, by accessing Twig’s internal area, members can also use any of our exclusive tools. They can, for instance, request for badges (stamps that go along their profile as recognition for their company’s actions, attributes or experience).

Twig App

The Twig App was created with the intent of making communication between our members more dynamic, allowing them to easily access some of our tools, search and contact freight forwarding companies from a specific location with more agility – through their mobile device.

The Twig app gives you access to all these features:

  • Instant chat to interact with other members
  • Search tab to find agents anywhere they need
  • Simple and user-friendly layout
  • Possibility to browse on Twig’s news feed and members’ profiles
  • Exclusive 1on1 meeting scheduler for our annual conferences

It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Twig Partner Rating

Twig Partner Rating is a system that allows Twiggers to evaluate their experience working with any forwarder from the group. The tool is integrated with the internal area, so members can access the profile of the company they wish to rate and give them a score from 1 to 5 stars, based on the quality of their services.

Although the scores are confidential, they will help us run constant quality control and ensure only high-rated members are allowed to stay in the group.

Twig Business Report

This system allows Twig members to register in our system every time they exchange business with another agent from the group. These reports will be used as a way to identify our most active members and, therefore, contribute for the progress of our network.

Twig Coin

Twig Coin is a member reward program in which members receive coins for every action they do inside the group and, later on, are able to use these coins to get incredible prizes.

Click here to learn more about ways to receive Twig Coins and the prizes available for members to get using their coins!

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