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Jul 25, 2019

Invoice Control: The newest benefit for Twig Members

We are always trying to innovate and bring new functionalities and improvements for our members at Twig Network Logistics. To remain the most selected network for freight forwarders all over the globe, we are constantly updating our tools and investing in new technologies to encourage our members to be active within our network and make even more business. That is why we launched the Invoice Control tool.

This exclusive system allows our members to upload invoices of the business exchanged with other members to Twig’s system. Awesome, right? And today we will let you know a little more about this tool and what benefits it brings to our members.

Invoice control: get to know the tool

At Twig, our main priority is to generate real business opportunities for our members. To do that, we found a way to help our Twiggers to have more control over the due date of each invoice payment.

That is the main functionality of the Twig Invoice Control. Through the system, our members can upload the invoices of the business made with other members and monitor the status of each one: if they have been paid or if they are awaiting payment.

But what are the benefits?

  • More control over the due date of each payment
  • Greater monitoring of paid invoices for members and our team
  • Control of invoices that are awaiting payment
  • Twig’s system will send reminders of open invoices 

How to use this new tool?

At Twig, we value the ease and simple usage of our tools. So, to use the Invoice Control, it is really easy! The system can be accessed in Twig’s Member Area, through the “Tools” tab. After that, our member just has to follow four simple steps:

1º step: Click in “Invoice control”

2º step: Select “Add an invoice”

3º step: Fill the spaces with the partner information and invoice data

4º step: Click on “Add invoice” 

And that’s it! 

After that, they only need to keep track of the invoice and update the information when necessary. Easy, right?

It is another tool to contribute to our members to be as active as they can in the group, and to also help them do business with a reliable and trustworthy partner!

If you want to benefit from this and all of Twig’s tools, don’t hesitate to join our network! Become a member and expand your business opportunities in logistics!

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