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Feb 13, 2019

4 tips to increase profit in your freight forwarding business

To increase profit is every forwarder’s goal. However, doing so can be a challenging task – especially with the amount of competition out there. One way to achieve this goal is by implementing logistics management strategies that can result in the optimization of processes, reduction of costs and inflation of your company’s income. You can also invest in the development of partnerships to expand your company’s reach to other areas and, therefore, receive more business opportunities.

On today’s post, we will explain in further detail how to implement the strategies listed above, as well as some other great one to help you make more profit in your freight forwarder. Check out the following tips and see the ones that could really make an impact on your business’ finances.

How to make more profit as a freight forwarder?

1) Use KPI’s to identify cost optimization possibilities


KPIs, also known as Key Performance Indicators, are metrics you should constantly collect to measure the performance of your business. There are several indicators that can be applied by freight forwarders, depending on the kind of services they provide and how they manage their processes. Check out the most common KPIs in logistics!

Using these metrics is a way to identify potential improvements in your processes and constantly optimize them in order to avoid facing operational issues that could result in financial loss.


2) Consider outsourcing a few services


Most forwarders aim to offer integrated logistics solutions in order to become more competitive in the market. However, offering such a wide range of services requires counting on adequate infrastructure. And depending on the area you operate, maintaining the facilities and equipment necessary to fully meet your customers’ demands can cost a lot.

This is why, in order to increase profit, a good strategy is to analyze which parts of your processes could be outsourced at a more competitive rate. Of course – without compromising the overall quality of your operations.


3) Consider to invest in financial logistics consulting


Getting professional advice from someone who understands about your field is always a good idea, regardless of what segment you operate in. The success of a freight forwarder’s performance is based on much more than just their potential and business capabilities. It is also related to external factors like global economics, foreign trade regulations, and market saturation.

Fortunately, there are many business and financial consultancy professionals available to assist those who wish to succeed in this area and make a great profit. Hearing their advice is important to prepare for what’s ahead of you, anticipate problems and understand which areas are the most promising to invest according to your marketplace and the services you provide.


4) Join logistics networks


Building reliable partnerships with international freight forwarders is another great way to boost your business’ income. After all, the vast majority of forwarders relies on external assistance to meet their customers’ demands overseas. By joining the right logistics networks, you will have access to a list of experienced companies worldwide, so you always know who to count on when in need of a partner abroad.

Having partnerships who are able to successfully represent your customers’ cargo anywhere in the world will strengthen your company’s image and make you more competitive. Besides, when other forwarders in the network need a forwarder in your area, they will know they can count on you. It’s a win-win situation: you’ll be receiving more international business opportunities and, at the same time, getting more customers locally. And all of that will obviously have a very positive reflection on your company’s income.


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