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May 09, 2019

Top 1 global logistics group network in Latin America

Seeing that there are several options of freight forwarding networks currently available in the market, choosing which global logistics group to join can be quite a challenge. The key point, however, is to seek for a network that offers the most suitable conditions for your company in terms of business generation and worldwide visibility.

Twig Logistics Network was created with the intent to bring innovation to the logistics networking segment. After a year of market research, we were able to identify the main attributes and flaws of each existing global logistics group and come up with an exceptional concept of networking.

Our group aims to provide members with a unique networking experience, which prioritizes quality over quantity. By establishing a careful quality control methodology, we ensure each company inside our group has exchanged business with the best partners available in the market. As a select group, we are also able to develop a closer connection with our members, making Twig feel like a big and diverse family.

Twig is the #1 global logistics group in Latin America

With members in over 85 countries, at Twig we pride ourselves for being a group with worldwide representation. Moreover, we are the biggest and strongest group in Latin America. Our Head Office is based in Brazil and we count with reliable members in almost all Latin American countries.

Twig has already promoted many successful annual meetings (known as Twig Talk’s or Twig Summit) in Latin America, giving our members the opportunity to get together for some quality networking time in countries like Brazil, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba.

See what one of our members have to say about their Twig Talk experience:

What sets us apart from other logistics networks?

Innovation and technology

At Twig, we believe our members’ networking potential can be maximized by the implementation of technological systems and tools. For this reason, we don’t measure efforts to provide our members with innovations that can improve their engagement and experience.

As part of this, we offer several exclusive tools, such as the Twig App, Partner Rating, Twig Coin, Business Report, and many more. Click here to learn more about each one of them!

Excellent member support

Although every global logistics group shares the purpose of providing a valuable atmosphere of business generation among members, at Twig we believe the connection between our staff and members is just as important. For this reason, we highly invest in customer service, counting on a dedicated team to give our members any support they need regarding their experience in our group.

Whether a member needs to understand how to use some of our tools or solve an issue they had when exchanging business with another member, we are always here to help them figure out a solution as quickly and effectively as possible. And to increase proximity with our members, we have also created the Twig Visit, a program in which our Directors personally visit the offices of some members every year.

Valuable connections

We know that joining a global logistics group requires some investment and, therefore, should generate a positive return for your company in terms of business opportunities. However, at Twig, we go beyond just generating opportunities to our members. Our goal is to ensure that every business exchanged inside our group is valuable for both parts involved.

In order to accomplish this, we follow a strict selection process before accepting new members into our group. This process enables us to make sure all Twig members are financially reliable and have an infrastructure that matches our standards. We also keep constant quality control throughout the time and, in case any issue arises with a member, they won’t be allowed to renew their membership. These actions keep Twig as a safe and worthwhile platform of business generation.

Unique experiences

Apart from helping our members to increase their business possibilities, we also aim to make their job lighter and more fulfilling. How do we do that? Through little actions like promoting special events during our annual conferences, awarding our members for their engagement and even offering a rewarding program.

All of this to make your experience as a Twigger as pleasant as possible. Watch the video below to understand how meaningful our members’ satisfaction is to us:

You can also be a part of Twig Logistics Network!

We are always looking for freight forwarders that believe in the power of networking and think their company can aggregate more value to our global logistics group. Got interested?

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