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Business & Sales Tips

Sep 26, 2019

How to create new freight forwarding business opportunities

Creating freight forwarding business opportunities is not always an easy task, right? But there are other ways to find new partners, expand your reach and boost your sales that don’t involve getting out of the office or elaborating a new visit schedule for your commercial team.

With the implementation of some simple tasks or online sales techniques, you can improve your opportunities and have better results. Interested in finding out more? Then keep reading!

Tips for creating new freight forwarding business opportunities

Always communicate

There are so many freight forwarders in the market today that one simple task can make a huge difference in closing a deal or expanding your business with a client: communication. Returning phone calls, answering emails, maintaining an open communication line with your client or prospect, can be the differential you needed. Always have a structured plan on how to communicate with prospects and customers so that they can feel valued by your company.

Invest in inside sales

Normally, freight forwarders pay much more attention to their outside sales, but the inside sales role has become really important. That is because this professional is the one responsible for conducting cold calls to qualify customers and pass them on to the sales representative to follow-up. This enables them to have better information about the prospect – their needs, what they do etc. – and it helps to close the deal.  

Manage your clients

One thing that can really help you to create new business opportunities is to manage your clients more efficiently. Segment them into two types of clients (A and B):

  • Client A: has longer and more time-consuming processes but brings more profit to your company.
  • Client B: brings less money but has quicker processes.

This will allow you to divide your customer service approach and have them provide a more senior service to client A. And this will enable them to find more business opportunities and close more deals.

Use technology in your favor

Today, many new tools can help your sales team. One of them is the marketing automation platform. Through its system – that can be integrated with your sales CRM – you’ll be able to see your whole sales process and never lose track of a prospect or a customer. Besides that, this platform allows you to segment your clients’ list and create an e-mail flow that can help you to:

  • Close deals with clients that aren’t quite ready to do business.
  • Remember clients and prospects about your company.
  • Find those customers that are already engaged with your company and content and are more than ready to be approached by your commercial team.

Extra tip to create freight forwarding business opportunities

Besides following the tips to create new freight forwarding business opportunities that we already gave you, there are other things you can do to increase your profit. To find them out, all you have to do is download Twig’s e-Book “Practical Guide to Boost your Sales”. There you’ll discover some strategies you can use to have an amazing sales performance in the market. 

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