Twig Talk Annual Meeting: why is it the best logistics conference?

twig annual meeting

Connections and networking mean everything in the life of a freight forwarder – they are how these professionals increase their sales in the logistics market, as well as their business’ visibility. Did you know attending logistics annual meeting is one of the most effective strategies to make good connections and expand your business’ network? However, […]

Logistics Conferences 2019: Why should you be attending Twig Talk?

We are beyond excited for Twig Talk 2019, which promises to be one of the best logistics conferences of the year! The annual meeting will take place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, from April 24-27. Besides gathering independent freight forwarders from all over the world, it will provide each attendee with the most valuable atmosphere for […]

Paradisus Hotel Playa Del Carmen: Our Twig Talk 2019 paradise!

Our sixth annual meeting is coming up and, over here, we couldn’t be more excited. Twig Talk 2019 will be held in the Paradisus Hotel, which is located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, from April 24-27. If you haven’t registered as an attendee yet, click here and guarantee your spot with a special discount – […]

Why will Twig Talk 2019 happen in Playa Del Carmen?

The sixth edition of Twig Talk is going to take place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, from April 24-27. Click here for more details about the event! There are several reasons why we chose this paradisiac beach as our logistics conference’s next destination. On this post, you will understand why Playa del Carmen provides the […]

The wait is over: learn the details of Twig Talk 2019

Attention, Twiggers. We have big news for you today! Our next annual meeting, Twig Talk 2019, already has its date & venue confirmed. And as we get ready to be together once again, we are beyond excited to share all the details with you. Twig Talk 2019 is going to take place in Playa del […]

Twig Talk 2018: See the highlights of our incredible event

It is with great pleasure that we announce the conclusion of the 5th edition of our annual conference. Twig Talk 2018 was held at the Hyatt Regence Resort Spa and Casino, located in Palm Beach, Aruba, from April 12th to 15th. Combining paradisiac scenario with a great organization and infrastructure, the event counted with attendees […]

How attending Twig Talk can increase your sales in a short period of time

We all know that time is one of the most precious things in logistics. As the time goes by, freight forwarders want to close more and more sales. However, rather than achieving long term results, professionals in this field want to increase sales and business possibilites right away. And how to do that effectively? On […]

Twig Talk’s 1on1 meetings: building trust to get more business opportunities

Twig Talk 2018 is coming soon and promises to be the greatest event for independent freight forwarders from all over the world. The 5th edition of our conference will happen in Aruba, from April 12th to 15th. This is the chance for Twig members and guests to interact, talk about their businesses and increase their sales […]

Twig Talk Sponsors: Learn more about them and the benefits they have

We are just coming back from our annual conference, Twig Talk 2017, which was a total success – click here to see more about it. Our event wouldn’t have been the same without the participation of every attendee, or without the great sponsors we had: FAST, CTC and T.C.L.. On previous posts, we have already […]

Twig Talk 2017: Another Twig Logistics Network’s conference finished with success!

After a lot of expectation, dedication and preparation to make sure that everything happened the best way to Twig Talk, our annual conference, we are proud to say the 2017 edition was a total success! The event happened from March 29th to April 1st, in Paradisus Palma Real, a resort located in one of the […]

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