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Twig Updates

Jun 20, 2016

How to become a Twig Member?

Twig Logistics Network is an international freight forwarders network, formed by the best and most selected global freight forwarding companies. If you are a freight forwarder and would like to join the network, check below some points that we consider before accepting a member in Twig Logistics Network.


How to become a Twig Member?

1. Members indication

We believe that an indication is made based on a successful experience with positive results from both companies. We want to make sure that our network grows following the base of the networking concept: through reliable indications.


2. Respect the limit of members per country

Twig has a limit of members by country. We believe that this way we will be able to construct a selected group of forwarders, avoiding internal competition. In parallel to this issue, we believe that the exclusivity of one member per country does not work for our network, it’s essential to have more than one option per country, since some freight forwarders work in different ways and often an agent has greater expertise in a region or type of modal than others.

So you must have a choice, that is why we believe that the limit of 3 agents per country is healthy to the network. This limit is not valid for the US, India, Brazil, and China, these are countries with huge markets and regions that need local freight forwarders to fulfill the country needs – each of these countries has its specific limit depending on the size of the market.


3. Analyze company website and information

We believe that in order to work with companies located in different countries, a clear and effective communication is essential so that there is a good relationship between Twig Members, especially knowing how this is a business where details are essential to avoid operational problems in international transportation.

Thinking about it, before accepting a company as a member of our network, Twig Logistics Network team analyzes how companies communicate, through their websites, blogs, and other communication channels.


4. Request company documents

Before becoming a Twig Member, companies must complete an online form. In this form are requested general information about companies, as the year they were founded, annual turnover, address, information about teamwork, among other issues. All this data helps Twig team in the selection analysis for new members of our freight forwarding network.


5. Check forwarders debtor list 

In order to avoid financial problems with our network members, Twig Logistics Network has a partnership with a company that makes liting of debts within the forwarder community.

Before accepting an agent as a new member, the Twig team checks these listings to make sure that companies never had any payment issue. It also allows us to understand the financial situation of each company, this way we make sure that we are selecting only reliable companies to be a member.

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